The 1st Teaser For Harry Styles’ Gay Love Film?!

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The first teaser for My Policeman is finally here!

It feels like we’ve been talking about My Policeman for years now! And that’s because we have! It was back in 2020 when we first heard about Harry Styles signing on to act in the movie. And now, we have the first teaser trailer for the film.


My Policeman is an adaption of a 2012 novel by Bethan Roberts. The film takes place in two time periods: the 1950s and the 1990s. In the 1950s, Styles places a closeted policeman named Tom Burgess. Since it was illegal to be gay in 1950s England, Tom decided to date a woman named Marion (played by Emma Corrin). But the relationship turns into a complicated love-triangle thanks to Burgess’s blossoming love with a museum curator named Patrick Hazelwood (David Dawson).

Image via Prime Video

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Styles, Corrin, and Dawson aren’t the only actors attached to the film. Gina McKee, Linus Roache, and Rupert Everett play the older versions of the characters in the 1990s scenes. In these moments, Patrick’s return after suffering a stroke causes another rift in Tom and Marion’s lives.

Helping these stars create the film are Michale Grandage and Ron Nyswaner. Grandage helmed the movie as its director while Philadelphia screenwriter Ron Nyswaner penned the script. In addition, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Robbie Rogers, Cora Palfrey and Philip Herd produced the movie. They are then joined by executive producers Grandage, Michael Riley McGrath, and Caroline Levy.

The film, which will release on Amazon’s Prime Video on October 21, is being described as a romantic drama. And earlier reports share that Styles and Dawson’s characters will engage in a sex scene. Or as the director calls it, “sculptural” shots of lovemaking. Styles himself has even teased about a “bum” shot. But the teaser itself is fairly calm outside of bubbling tension. Will we enjoy watching that bubble pop in the full film? We’ll find out in October.

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