The Abbey Owners Ban Dancer After Social Media Post!

The Abbey Owners Ban Dancer After Social Media Post!


Allegedly, The Abbey Owner Is Cutting Dancers' Pay!

Ohh sis, this is some tea! We all can argue, but I’d have to say West Hollywood’s The Abbey is the most known gay establishment outside of New York’s iconic Stonewall. I’m a WeHo resident and am familiar how The Abbey has certainly blended the heterosexual and LGBTQ+ communities throughout the last five years of my attendance.

According to WeHoVille, The Abbey’s CEO, David Cooley, sent an email to the dancers at his nightclub that he would be cutting their pay by 25%. In response, one of his dancers called for a boycott of the establishment. Allegedly, the dancers were being paid $100 a night (Side Note: WHAT?! That is a pittance!) to shake what their mama gave them to four different songs. So, if you do the math properly, they are allegedly getting paid $25 per song. It was stated in another email, Cooley scolded the dancers for not working hard enough, being in poor shape, and socializing too often with the clientele.

WeHoVille also shared that the dancer known as Teddy Bear has been fired and banned from The Abbey and its sister-bar, The Chapel, after taking his voice to social media. In a since removed post, he told his side of the story:


“David Cooley is one of the richest men in Los Angeles, his bar The Abbey is the most profitable bar in West Hollywood (known around the world) but that doesn’t stop his greed. Recently minimum wage was increased in Los Angeles, to counter this he thought of a (evil) genius idea to cut THE DANCERS pay by the equivalent of asking us to dance one set for FREE now! Oh … but it doesn’t stop there, the pay cut also came with a long message reminding every dance that they are replaceable and that they should be danc(ing) even harder and can be fired at any moment (on top of the pay cut). Also we are no longer allowed to talk to customers when we are on the box, so if a dancer won’t take a pic or say hi to you…don’t get mad at them. So if you care about the community, if you care about fair pay and honestly human decency … please join with me, and #BOYCOTTTheAbbey”

The Abbey recently made national headlines after their one-season reality television show, What Happens at The Abbey, premiered on E! in 2017. Cooley himself made headlines after facing alleged discrimination when his partner was asked to switch seats so a straight couple could sit with one another on an Alaska Airline flight.

h/t: WeHoVille


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  2. This is what you call

    This is what you call insubordination. It's sad that there was a pay cut, but anyone in the US would get fired for posting stuff on social media that goes against their place of work.


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