The Best LGBTQ Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day!

The Best LGBTQ Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day!

If You’re Single, Dating, Or Boycotting – We’ve Got You Covered!

We’re inching closer and closer to Valentine’s Day 2019! I’ve experienced the most romantic day of the year in a variety of ways. I’ve been wined and dined by a boyfriend or date, had a drive by with a stranger, enjoyed a night out with single friends, and have cuddled up in bed by my lonesome binge eating a pizza watching Netflix. Regardless of the night you’re going to have, sometimes ending it with a romantic film will lead to that uproar of laughter with your gal pals, crying yourself to sleep, or the movement of hands underneath the blanket during the uhh (film) climax. Are you trying to think of the best LGBTQ V-Day movie to watch this Thursday?! Well, I’ve got you covered. I’m absolutely omitting everyone’s go-to gay romance movie, the groundbreaking Brokeback Mountain, because let’s be honest: It’s time to expand our horizon! Check out my list and their trailers below:

My Own Private Idaho


My Own Private Idaho is so incredibly underrated! The story follows Mike Waters (River Phoenix) as he tries to reconnect with his family, despite being a male prostitute who is in love with his gay-for-pay-best friend (Keanu Reeves). We can all connect with this film if we’ve ever been in love with a straight guy who doesn’t care about our feelings. A happy ending, clearly not, (this was a 90’s film about gay people) but it’ll give you that good ole’ V-Day cry you’re craving.

*Side Note: Don’t tell anyone, but you can watch this entire film on YouTube for free if you find the right video!



Okay, Tangerine is certainly a film you’re going to want to watch with your single best with some wine. I still rave about being blown away by this film. As someone who lives in West Hollywood, I genuinely believe the story of two transgender friends who are trying to seemingly survive a day of a heartbreak. We learn in the end, sometimes our friends are really our true loves.


Okay, hear me out – this is probably not on the top of everyone’s lists and isn’t really “gay”. BUT, if you think about it, this is not only a film any movie buff should watch – but Spartacus was one of the film’s Cher Horowitz’ gay friend, Christian Stovitz, brought over to watch in Clueless! It’s so homoerotic and may lead you and your date to getting a little hot and bothered. I’m sure you can easily have an “I am Spartacus!” inside joke about it afterwards – trust me.

Mysterious Skin

Don’t anticipate this early 2000’s drama to have any va-va-voom feeling. Mysterious Skin is an absolute tear jerker dealing with two young men who have been sexually abused by their baseball coach in their youth. They live polar opposite lives: One becomes a geeky, paranoid recluse and the other becomes a reckless prostitute. Your eyes will be glued to the screen and the ending is honestly the happiest you’ll ever see these characters, in an unusual way. Perhaps you should be watching this one alone with a hearty snack.

Mulholland Drive

While Mulholland Drive may not be technically a “gay” film, yet has moments of bisexuality and is heavy homoerotic. I love watching this movie because I have a different theory on it each time. We watch Noami Watts enter Hollywood, California as an aspiring actress only to get sucked into the zany world of – “is this Hollywood?” – and you never truly know what’s reality and fabricated. Speaking from experience, it’s literally like living in the city of the stars! I’d maybe watch this with someone you want to have a solid conversation with afterwards, because both of you will be trying to figure it out. People are still confused almost 20 years later!


G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend) should 100% be your go-to film you’re watching with your gays or gals on Valentine’s Day. It’s so rare we get an entirely LGBTQ focused film of quality that I’m shocked G.B.F. isn’t spoken of on a brunchly basis. Many high school films surrounding gay students focuses on a muffled coming out story (Love, Simon). While G.B.F. focuses on kids coming out, the story is spun to where it’s the greatest thing in the entire world leading to popularity. Director, Darren Stein (Jawbreaker), managed to get cameos from some of our favorite silver screen divas like Rebecca Gayheart (Urban Legend), Megan Mullally (Will & Grace), and Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black) which alone deserves a view. If you haven’t watched this yet – it’s time!

But, I’m A Cheerleader

If you’re looking for a film that’s going to have comedy, love, RuPaul, Eddie Cibrian (in booty shorts), and a story of horrible parenting: But, I’m A Cheerleader is the film for you. Lyonne takes on another role as too-naïve-to-realize-she’s-gay Megan who is sent to rehab after her family and friends suspect her sexuality. While this may sound like it’s going to be an intense Girl, Interrupted type of film, it’s completely harmless and indeed has a happy ending which is more suited for the grand ole’ Valentine’s holiday.

Paris Is Burning

Phew, I can’t even say the title of this documentary without getting goosebumps. Paris Is Burning begins with an intense feeling and it doesn’t leave you long after the credits roll. Telling the true lives of many transgender or gender non-conforming individuals living in New York and celebrating in the ballroom scene which created voguing, Burning engulfs you in the inspirational, yet tragic, backstories of these individuals. Occasionally you are moving to the thumpa-thumpa and wanting to partake in the scene. However, the ending of an individual’s life, after you listened to her hopes and dreams, is bone chilling. Burning will make you appreciate your life, regardless of how your spending Valentine’s Day.

Note: Paris Is Burning is also available via YouTube for free and is rather easy to find!

What are some of your favorite LGBTQ films to watch on Valentine’s Day?! Let me know what I missed!

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