The Best Way To Get Rid Of Your Back Hair.

It's about that time. When the back hair is longer than the chest hair, I find action needs to be taken.  Now some of our readers don't mind having a hairy backside, and some feel that any manscaping is sacrilegious and prefer keeping everything au naturel.  I find myself somewhere in the middle.  I'm a hairy guy, but like to trim certain parts of the body, the back being one of them. 

So what's the best way to get rid of the back hair?


Visiting, we see that they mention soft wax and strip wax.  I've tried the strip wax on the back.  Painful?  Yes.  Effective?  Yes.  But unfortunately I have sensitive skin and have even tried sugar waxing mentioned at, but I still broke out. After 4 attempts at waxing and always breaking out, I've stopped the waxing.

Maybe waxing has been a success for you?


I haven't dabbled in the hair removal creams and most likely won't.  I had a roommate once that use to use Nair on his ears to remove the hair.  The results were worse than seeing the hair.  The cream was left on too long and 9 times out of 10, chemical burn marks were left behind. I don't blame the cream, but instead operator error. 

Here's a review of the leading hair removal creams from 2014 (results at 1:52).



Have you had good experiences with creams?


Shaving can be just as good as waxing.  That smooth surface is obtained, but the issue like waxing, it takes two people to do it. Well, not always.  With a little determination before a pride full of beach time and shirtless dancing, I've shaved my back with a disposable razor before sans shaving cream. Other times, I've had help shaving, but that damn sensitive skin still is an issue.  Like after waxing, I tried applying the soothing oils and not applying anything and the sensitive skin was still there.

Products have been developed to assist in back shaving.  Here's video of one such product and yes, it does exist.



The Razorba does offer a model with a sponge attachment and you can upgrade to a power buzzer model.  Now shaving your back can be a one man job.

I always thought that having someone shave you, back or other parts, might be a foreplay activity, but I haven't crossed that bridge yet.  Have you?


We've all been on the dance floor when all of a sudden it feels like someone has rubbed sand paper against your arm or back.  Yep, he's a buzzer. That's what I believe.  I think waxing allows the hair to grow back more normal and soft, but when buzzed, the hair seems to have a little more abrasive feel when growing back or growing longer. 

I use to buzz my back myself.  Yes, I'm that flexible or maybe I just have monkey arms, but I haven't done that since I moved to Florida.


When the hair removal discussion leaps into the laser realm, it makes me think of plastic surgery and therefore making me truly vain.  But is it a viable option? Painful?  I am sure treatments have changed in the past 5 years, but here is some laser footage from 2009



Probably the biggest turn off of laser treatment may be the cost. Normally, smaller areas for hair removal are relatively affordable, ranging between $250 and $500 per session. As for larger areas, such as the legs or back, there is a significant price increase, possibly ranging between $600 to $900.

Let it Grow

Maybe the best way to treat lots of back hair is to let it be.  Someone may find it attractive, hot, manly.  It's just a personal preference for me to get rid of it when it gets too long.

The Best Choice?

In order to find the best way to get rid of YOUR back hair is to try all the flavors.  Try the waxing, the shaving, the buzzing, the creams.  I am not sure I would try the laser even though that seems to be the most permanent option.

Buzzing is the treatment I have settled with, but how to get buzzed? Here in Fort Lauderdale, I've been buzzed three different ways.

Once in my bathroom by my roommate, a nonsexual activity and I thank him for his assistance.

Another time was at Ron's Barber Shop.  Cuts are $10 and a buzz of the chest or back are $5 each.  What is kind of fun is they have you get bare chested right there at hair cutting station.  It's a men's barber shop in one of the gayest cities in the US so it's no big deal and quite pleasing to the eye most of the time when someone chooses to add a buzz to a cut. 

The third time I've had my back buzzed was by Fabio, a nice Brazilian that offers many shin / hair treatments out of his home. I chose to try out Fabio after he sent out a SHOUT on GROWLr offering his services. He quoted $20 to buzz my back so I made the appointment.  His professional service in the privacy of his home is something I will use again.

The next time?  I think I may go back to Fabio witha $20 bill in hand, but I may order a product similar to this one from Sharper Image.  They range from a Fabio treatment up to $80 but are good for more than one use, some battery operated and some are rechargeable.




What works for you? Do you rip it out? Shave it off?  Buzz it down? Burn it off? Light it up?

What do you think?