The New President Of San Francisco’s Police Officers Association’s is Tony Montoya

San Francisco’s Police Officers Association is getting a new president.

Last week, President Marty Halloran announced that he would be stepping down from the position. In his place, Vice President Tony Montoya will be taking the spot.

With the confirmation that he’s now the present of the POA, Montoya celebrated by talking to ABC7News.

"I am the first gay person to be head of the Association," he told them.

It also seems that he never had to worry about problems arising because of his sexuality. The diversity found in San Francisco is also represented in the police force.

"We have a large lesbian gay bisexual transgender presence in the police force and it's also reflective of what the city represents. So for me it's never been an issue," Montoya said.

That said, its not all fun and games. Montoya takes the job seriously and he wants others to do the same for him.

But what will he be doing? Montoya will act as voice for the officers who feel like they can’t connect with the police department’s chief and his staff.

"The members as a whole have not felt connected with the current chief and current command staff. And once again, it falls on the shoulders of the POA to be the voice of the members."

He continued: "I want to be sure there's not a break in the representation of members. That's not going to change.”

That said, Montoya only has until 2020 until his presidency ends and he’s currently taking the position during a controversial time.

Many are arguing over new footage of an altercation between an alleged car thief and two officers. When the alleged thief tried to hit one officer with a car, the other officer opened fire on the moving car.

The controversy is over the fact that a 2016 policy prevents officers from shooting at moving vehicles.

In addition, the SFPOA is sponsoring a Prop H motion. If passed, it would loosen restrictions on the use of tasers.

Tony Montoya has his work cut out for him.

h/t: ABC7News

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