The Old Gays Talk Coming Out

Screenshot via YouTube @INTO

INTO’s Old Gays are back again. And this time, they’re sharing personal stories of coming out.

Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. It’s a time to look back on how out and proud LGBTQ people first came out and how our lives have changed since then. On top of that, sharing coming out stories shows our straight/cis allies and those still in the closet the diversity of coming out stories and LGBTQ life. And now, our Old Gays are sharing their stories.

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We’ve seen the Old Gays playing Cards Against Humanity, experiencing Grindr for the first time, reacting to the viral animated short In A Heartbeat, guessing the names of famous gays, and more. And now, we’re getting to know them a little bit more intimately.

If you want to join the conversation, go ahead and click the video down below. And then if you feel so willing, share your coming out story in the comments or read the coming out stories of Instinct’s own writers.

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