The Real Reason Why Humans Are Monogamous?

What is the deciding factor for someone to be monogamous, have an open relationship, no partners, or be the town pump?  It seems that the deciding factor historically may not be romance, love, or happiness, but disease.

It’s nice to think that monogamy is something that came about because people were just that into each other, but new research is here to crush that dream.

A study from the University of Waterloo found that prehistoric humans may have started favoring monogamy (and rejecting polygamy) thanks to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and peer pressure. 


Scientists used computer-modeling techniques to simulate the evolution of different mating behaviors in human populations based on demographics and disease transmission. As hunter-gatherers started settling in one place and living in larger populations, STIs like gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia were more likely to spread, according to the research.

(This wasn’t just a problem just for our ancestors. Here’s why STD Rates Are At Historic Highs, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.)

When the STIs infiltrated the population, it decreased fertility rates among men with multiple sex partners. 

To combat infertility, men began to choose only one mate. The groups that practiced monogamy produced more offspring and thrived, while the groups that continued to practice polygamy ultimately faltered. 

Researchers point out that this probably isn’t the only reason we shifted toward a more monogamous society, since female choice also played a role, but it was a big contributor.  –

Do you agree with this interpretation?  Do you feel we felt more safe from disease and more focused on reproduction which made us as a species monogamous?

And in regard to the current culture of sex, do you believe with less and less people being afraid of AIDS / HIV, possibly because of PrEP, it not being a death sentence anymore, and the term 'undetectable', and less people being properly educated about all STDs / STIs / why it burns when you pee, that is why we are seeing a rise in open relationships, multiple partners, etc.?

Do you think the title of the original article should have been ''Romance Is Dead: This Is the Real Reason Why Humans WERE Monogamous?"




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