The Site Of A Former San Francisco Gay Bar Is Up For Sale

Image via Paragon Real Estate Group

A historic building that once held a San Francisco gay bar is now up for sale.

The building in question is a Victorian mansion at 2060 Divisadero Street in the Pacific Heights area. This area used to be a gay centric location with two other prominent bars known as the Alta Plaza and J.J.'s Piano Bar.

But back to this mansion for sale. According to the Bay Area reporter and a listing from Paragon Real Estate Group, the building is being sold for $5,995,000.

Image via Paragon Real Estate Group

The mansion is a four-bedroom building with four fireplaces, an au pair suite with a bath and kitchenette, an office, a mahogany deck, and already furnished rooms with multiple appliances.

Back in its heyday, the spot used to be called the Lion Pub, which was known for hanging racy artwork by the late artist Richard Rosener/Dale Hall and having a tropical theme.

After opening in 1968, the bar changed multiple times, It started off as a gay bar and soon changed into a straight bar in the 70s.

Image via Paragon Real Estate Group

Then in 2016, the bar closed after its owner, Kelly Ellis, died. the building was then purchased for $3.4 million by architect Tim Murphy who decided to renovate it and turn it into home and office space.

As real estate agent Rob Abta told the Bay Area Reporter, "We hope it will sell quickly. The property has a real presence."

If you’re interested in the property, you can look at the listing here.

Image via Paragon Real Estate Group

h/t: The Bay Area Reporter

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