The Two Friends Appeared On The CK Instagram Live Story Monday

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Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly had quite an interesting Monday night. The two friends took over the Calvin Klein Instagram appearing on their story throughout the evening, at one point pretending to be models in a racy Calvin Klein photoshoot.



Both the SNL star, 28, and the Drunk Face rapper, 31, left no topic off the table and had a lengthy (pun intended) conversation about their penises. Davidson hands out a compliment about the size of the my ex’s best friend singer’s “package” before discussing his own saying,


“I’m a grower for sure. I’m not really a grower or a shower. It’s actually the same small and hard. It’s actually a scientific wonder.”

Kelly tells The King of Staten Island actor that he “could have seen you as an underwear model.” Davidson winkingly jokes that they could reach a whole other demographic, ones that typically don’t buy underwear saying, 

“we could have got all the dirty people to buy underwear, the dirty, trashy people – like our fans. we could have reached a whole ‘nother fan base of people that don’t wear underwear. I don’t think any of my fans wear underwear.”


photo credit//instagram

People magazine reported that,


“In the video, the pair first took turns posing on a white couch. Davidson lounged across the couch with his pants around his knees, explaining, “I was gonna go for one of these. Be very casual about it.” The two men then posed together, including one where Davidson perched on the couch as Kelly poured popcorn into his mouth.  

Davidson and Kelly appeared alongside each other in the 2019 film Big Time Adolescence. As the IG story nears the two friends hope that their viewers are just as horny as they are, 

“I hope everyone is horny at home. We really brought the horniness. I mean, we bring the horniness that’s what it says. If you look up Machine Gun Kelly in the dictionary thats what it says.”


Sources: People 

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