The Warwick Rowers Were Just Banned From YouTube

We've been watching the Warwick Rowers from afar and drooling.  Lots of buns, legs, chest shots, and, well just about everything.  It's not a ball and stick sport, like baseball or cricket, so those pieces of equipment have never been viewed.  But apparently, what we have seen, according to YouTube, is pornographic.


The Warwick Rowers have been banned for YouTube despite achieving worldwide recognition after fundraising for equality. The naked athletes have been long standing supportive figures for the LGBT community, and in 2014 they were awarded the PinkNews Community Group of the Year award. At the time Mrs Morgan joked that she attempted to access the Rowers’ website but that it was blocked from Department for Education computers.

She said: “My office tried to show me their website on the Department for Education computers, but then we found that their website was blocked. When they subsequently showed me on their iPhones, I quickly saw why. They have won a PinkNews Award for their full monty fundraising efforts, but I have to report that they are wearing their clothes tonight here in Speaker’s House.”

But according to a statement from the University of Warwick’s rowing team, they were banned from YouTube for being “pornographers”.

It now appears their account has been unblocked, but it is unclear how long they were blocked for and if they will be barred from posting again.

A statement from photographer Angus Malcolm and the Rowers, reads: “Several years ago, the plucky Warwick Rowers were thrown off Google Checkout’s payment processing service without notice – a decision that was upheld on appeal, on the grounds that the Warwick Rowers are pornographers.

“Today, in a similar vein, YouTube has decided that the rowers’ public awareness campaign aimed at promoting greater tolerance among young people is unsuitable for, uh, young people. Way to go, Google!  –


What do you think?

Are the rowers creating porn?

Do we need a reality check in regard to appropriate fund raising?

Did we overlook the sexuality because it's for a good cause?

If skin is used for fund raising, how much is too much before it gets to porn level?





What do you think?