Thinking of Making an OnlyFans Account? Here’s What You Need to Know

Credit: Duane Trade

OnlyFans’ popularity has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. The amount of celebrities, porn stars & amateurs that have created accounts this year has only helped expand on its rapid presence where fans are whipping out their credit cards to see what type of juicy content these people are producing.

Results have varied for the ones who are hitting that record button. Some have made a ton of money while others have earned enough to keep this as a decent side hustle. Regardless the growing platform is an interesting new way for many to earn some cold hard cash amid a struggling economy thanks to the worldwide pandemic.


Duane Trade, a very popular performer who churns out a variety of super hot content on OnlyFans almost daily, chatted with Instinct about what it’s like to be part of this popular subscription-based service and the ups and downs that have happened along the way.

Credit: Duane Trade

What inspired you to make an OnlyFans account?

The inspiration was a few things. First is money. It makes the world go round. I, like many others, find myself challenged in late stage capitalism and doing my best to get by. Secondly it’s because I have always had an exhibitionist streak in me so it just felt logical and natural. Third I enjoy the process which quite frankly shows. I would be remiss too if I didn’t say that folks such as Atlas Grant and actor Jim Newman gave me the push I needed to do this kind of thing.


Do you think you would’ve still done it if COVID never became a thing?

I’ve been at it long before COVID. I hit my 2-year anniversary on OnlyFans in November. It’s been very interesting these past few months as so many people are just doing it, but the longevity and desire hasn’t been there in many so I’ve seen some of them fade very quickly. 

What’s your process in making content, both from a solo, duo and group aspect?

I try to think in terms of keeping a balance of all. You can’t just do one thing I feel. Your work should be a gestalt and the sum of it’s parts so all types of scenes are important.


For me it all started with solos and grew from there once I felt more comfortable. When it comes to partner scenes I only shoot if there is chemistry with me and the other performer. I find chemistry and passion make porn hotter to watch, I’m a terrible faker too. The process for partner scenes is just setting up after communication with others and following through which can be the challenge at times.

The process with solo vids is just me feeling excited and flipping a camera on. Sometimes I dress up or try to add a kinky element, you know something to make the video stand out. Group scenes begin with a “hey what are you up to this day” kind of phone call. That being said shooting partner scenes is tricky these days with COVID. I tell people to exercise their best practices as they can because the demand from the market is there regardless. 

Credit: Duane Trade

Do you enjoy one more than the other?


I mean solo’s are fun but I always love connecting with a hot guy. In the past two years I’ve met some great men and made good friends along the way. I’m also very fortunate to have been able to work with long time porn crushes of mine.

What about your cash flow from it? Have you earned enough to make a livable wage?

My cash flow could be better. I can’t lie, it’s actually quite hard these days. I was a gig economy worker and continue to be. The sting right now is quite real for me and many others in this line of work.

What do you say to this people who constantly demand things like porn for free?

Get off your damn high horse and support someone. Anything quality costs money, and if you want porn to be made and to a degree of your liking then the performers should be compensated. It’s almost as if men think they are too good to pay for it or even other things and the truth nobody is. Porn doesn’t know if you’re attractive or not, it’s porn it doesn’t breathe it doesn’t think. Lower your ego, take out the card and hit that subscribe button.

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