This Disney Channel Character Came Out By Saying “I’m Gay”

Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman on Disney Channel’s "Andi Mack" / Screenshot via Twitter @cyrusgreatman

Fans of the Disney Channel have now seen the first character to refer to himself as gay.

In the scene, which you can watch below, Andi Mack character Cyrus Goodman and friends are attending his grandmother’s shiva. While at the event, Cyrus’s friend Jonah Beck, played by Asher Angel, asked for advice on which food to eat and avoid.

While giving his advice, Cyrus decided to come out by saying, “I’m gay.”

Jonah then responded with a, “Yeah? Ok, cool.”

While this is the third time that the Cyrus character has come out on the show, first with best friend Buffy, second with best friend and lead character Andi, and now with friend and crush Jonah, this is the first time that the character said the words “I’m gay.”

It’s because of this technicality that fans are raving about the episode online.

Two years ago, Disney shared that the tv channel for kids and pre-teens would have its first ever coming out scene.

The team for Andi Mack, which was created by Lizzie MiGuire writer Terri Minsky, announced that Andi’s best friend Cyrus Goodman, played by Joshua Rush, would come out as gay. In that scene, Cyrus came out to fellow friend Buffy (yes, named after the tv character), but he never specifically used the word “gay.”

Now, in its third season, the show has given us another coming out scene. And this one is just as special, if not more so, than the last.

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