This is one way to get fans excited for ‘The Boys’ season 4

Still from an episode of ‘The Boys’ (photo: Amazon Prime Video)

From teen heartthrob to Amazon Prime Video superhero, Chace Crawford proves time and again why he continues to be a leading Hollywood man. Only this time, the internet is talking about his body instead of his membership in The Seven.

Crawford, 37, recently took to Instagram to show off his toned physique while working out with a pull up bar.  The grey sweatpants, the pecs, the large torso and the bulging abs – there’s no surprise why Chase’s most recent photo was “liked” over 310,000 as of this writing. See the impressive snap below!



And props to him because I used to do pull up bar exercises and they are NOT easy!


Crawford, a Texas native and 4x Teen Choice Award winner, is seemingly getting in shape for upcoming scenes to be filmed for the breakout television series The Boys. Peep the caption: “Season 4 still getting after it.”

While he’s currently recognized for playing Kevin Moskowitz on HBO Max, his original claim to fame was for portraying Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl

Chase is not opposed to showing off his body on occasion. For instance, here’s two Instinct articles showcasing his below the belt bulge and wonderful ass

5 thoughts on “This is one way to get fans excited for ‘The Boys’ season 4”

  1. yea, it’s not just his abs his bulge is worth a 2nd look. want the Deep (Kevin Moskowitz) to be naked as often as possible AND would be good if he found a guy to have sex with who could lead him away from the sea creatures LOL (maybe the sea creatures could find the guy for him)

  2. Hot guy but The Boys is on Amazon not HBO, check your sources and your editing. My stepdad was in to the show but he like most stopped watching after the “penisgate” episode (showed a character crawling up another’s urethra).


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