This Thirsting Trend is One That Needs to End

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The new ‘Hot Felon’ is making his rounds on the internet, but guys (and girls), this is one we really don’t want to fap to.

The ‘Hot Felon’ trend began with Jeremy Ray Meeks in 2014, whose mugshot went viral while he served a prison sentence for theft, assault and weapons possession. When he was released from prison 2 years later, he was offered a modeling contract with Tommy Hilfiger and walked at Milan Fashion Week in 2016. Currently, he’s running his own clothing brand and acting in independent movies. 


Even since then, thirsty internet sleuths have dug through mug shots to find the next hottest felon. Imagine how bizarre a reality show based on that narrative would be? 

The last ‘Hot Felon’ to go viral was Jonathan Cahill, 27, whose mugshot was released in February 2022. He was originally arrested for burglary but was sought by police after failing to follow his conditions of release while out on bond.  While some online thirst seekers were quick to talk about how hot he is, the ones who weren’t spurred by his good looks used his viral presence to help him get re-arrested. 


That brings us to this week – when Brandon Lee Parton‘s “glamour shot” started making waves across the internet. According to Hollywood Unlocked, Wake County Prison in North Carolina was forced to take the inmate’s photo and information off of their website. Why? Because people were calling the prison trying to post his bail due to his good looks!

Photo Credit: Wake County Prison

WJHL is reporting that Parton is locked up because of the following charges: kidnapping, rape and domestic violence. He is also reportedly a career criminal with many other charges under his belt. 

Not that Jeremy Meeks and Jonathan Cahill should be excused from their crimes, but when it comes to Parton, rape is a crime that cannot be swept under the carpet just because the perpetrator his hot. Especially when examining this specific crime, giving the perpetrator a pass because he’s hot is fundamentally wrong on so many levels.


It’s true that we all love a good bad boy, however, in these cases, it’s a fantasy best kept for role-playing porn. 

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Sources: Hollywood Unlocked, WJHL

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