Thor/Hemsworth As A Roommate? We’d Take Him!

Could you handle Thor as a roommate? 

Would you make him get a job to help pay rent?

Or would him walking around basically half naked and flexing be payment enough?

Marvel has decided to fill the time between a real trailer for the November 2017 release of Thor 3: Ragnarok by showing us what the golden locked god would be doing between movies.  Here, in the second clip from Thor's vacation, we find him discussing brains and muscles with the roomie.




As the Marvel Universe gets tighter and overlap with the Guardians of the Galaxy expected to meet up with the Avengers in the upcoming Infinity War movie, we will see some other characters develop a little more.  Head over to Cinemablend for some news about The Hulk and how he may change in Thor 3 and over to to read some ideas about Odin, if he is alive, and if so, how would he return.

So, would you be okay with a freeloading Thor?

He'd have to put out … positive vibes.

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