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First of all, I don’t “do” TikTok. Never have, never will. But more importantly, I’m not a kid, so youth culture escapes me. Whenever I hear a new term, I roll my eyes and channel my inner “Regina” from “Mean Girls,” and tell them to “quit trying to make fetch happen.” 

So when I found about #Thot and #ThotBoySummer and all things thotty, I had no idea what was going on until I saw some photos. For those of you who are like me, and are lost, here is your basic primer: according to the seminal guide to all things street popular, the Urban Dictionary, “thot” is a slightly pejorative word for someone or something that is slutty sexy.

This season’s thotty trend involves showing as much torso as possible. Think of mesh tee-shirts à la International Male circa 1987, or flowing floral shirts open to show off a tatted chest and chiseled abs, or the ubiquitous crop top.


We at Instinct Magazine have already noticed this trend, with our several articles on the “new” crop top trend (first reported almost ten years ago), and that is definitely in line with the whole #thot movement. There is some discussion that what is driving the urge to show off our bodies is a reaction against the 2020 isolation and confinement brought on by the pandemic, during which people have gotten used to interacting remotely via Zoom (and TikTok) dressed to the minimum. Now that summer 2021 is here, everyone has brought that confidence outside as well and are giving us thirsty souls something to look at.


Before you start doing your own #thot research, however, be aware that just because someone is body positive doesn’t mean that they can pull off a thotty look. It definitely requires having a certain confidence and attitude, otherwise you risk just looking like a hoe.


It might be best to just leave it to the pros — those skinny bitches who look like they need to eat. 

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