TIME Cover Has People ‘Up In Arms’ Over Possible Incorrect Flag Usage.

Ready, set, go!  Let the colors fly!  But which ones?

Is turmoil over the TIME cover the Gay community getting their panties in a twist? People asking for clarity and exact reporting on the issue? Or is this yet another rendition of individuals desiring for the T to be removed from LGBT?

My first instinct is that the cover is fine.  We as a rainbow community have many different shades and letters, may they be LGBT, or LGBTQQII or whatever rendition of the alphabet soup you are comfortable with.  The rainbow flag is all of us we are a family.  May we all be misfits in the eyes of the normals, we are here and we are together. 

If this is a Transgender issue, yes, TIME should have utilized the trans colors.  But does the public at large know there is a transgender flag?  What better way to inform them than on the cover of a kinda well known and well circulated magazine?  In advertising and for visual punch, the Transgender flag is not as recognized as the Rainbow. 

With the amount of people complaining and trying to make this a Transgender issue instead of an LGBT one, are we going to have to examine if the T should remain?  If you think about sex, LGB as a practice have sex with the same gender and the T are looking to or have changed their gender but as a rule do not prefer sex with the same gender they identify with.  So why are the T's in with the LGB if they are not sexual misfits int he eyes of the norm, but gender misfits instead?  Yes, I took some liberties there, but it's been said.

Then again, are we seeing backlash against the gay community for all the advancements we have made?  Instead of bashing us, conservatives are going after the smaller link in our chain?




And then there were others that were upset that toilet paper was used to represent the Rainbow flag.  I personally thought it was okay and pretty creative.

What are your thoughts? 

Did TIME mess up? 

Is the Rainbow flag acceptable for the cover?

Do we dare even talk about LGB instead of LGBT?



h/t:  buzzfeed.com

9 thoughts on “TIME Cover Has People ‘Up In Arms’ Over Possible Incorrect Flag Usage.”

  1. My thoughts are: I’m sick and

    My thoughts are: I'm sick and tired of this community being so damned segregated. All of these friggin labels and designations; bear, otter, twink, fem, butch, etc. I personally have found more acceptance since I came out amongst the heterosexual community than I have this one. I felt as ostracized and marginalized in trying to interact with the LGBT community as I did growing up Mormon. I'll continue to fight for the rights of this community and educating those with whom I make contact on why we should all be treated as equals. But this community increasing makes that difficult when we can't even treat ourselves as such. 

  2. While bathroom laws are

    While bathroom laws are primarily a trans issue, a lot of people forget that the law(s) effect all LGBT+ people. North Carolina didn't pass a law that just made it illegal for trans people to use public bathrooms, the law also made it so cities/towns couldn't pass laws regarding LGBT+ including preventing job discrimination and housing protection.

    Bathroom bills present themselves as trans issues but are often accompanied by language that targets all members of the rainbow.

  3. Really?? To have the trans

    Really?? To have the trans issue ON THE COVER OF TIME MAGAZINE is a huge deal !!!! To complain that they got the color scheme is wrong is ludicrous. That's like the multimillion dollar Loto winner complaining that they now have to pay more taxes. 

  4. With the amount of cisgender

    With the amount of cisgender women being harased by bathroom police because they look too "manly" to be in a women's bathroom this IS an LGB issue and not just a "T" issue.

  5. The same people who hate and

    The same people who hate and beat and kill trans people are the ones who hate and beat and kill gay people.
    We're fighting the same war, for the same reason – intolerance and religious bigotry. Let's not fight among ourselves as well.
    I'm trans and didn't even know we had our own flag. Let's just all try to live.

  6. Being a gay male, I see the

    Being a gay male, I see the trans community as part of my community. I am not a twink, a bear, or into leather but I see those communities as a part of the bigger rainbow community. United we stand…divided we fall. Just my 2cents.

  7. Maybe if we stop fighting

    Maybe if we stop fighting amongst ourselves first… In Melbourne yesterday, the parliament apologized to all gay men convicted under old laws – we are in a time of massive change. Be thankful we are being covered and supported by institutions like TIME – we need their support.

    • I agree, we should stand

      I agree, we should stand together. There is much greater strength in numbers and they have stood for us and with us in our battles. Let's help their flag get the deserved visibility so the public recognizes it.


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