Todrick Hall Involves Himself In Kardashian Drama

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After Kim Kardashian Blasts Taylor Swift, Todrick Hall Busts Into Their Business – Should He Have Stayed Out Of It?

Kim Kardashian has decided to open up some old wounds with Taylor Swift. The entire scenario is pretty uncomfortable for gays all around, as both have huge gay followings that even crossover. Who doesn’t know plenty of people who consider the Kardashians the royal family of America and also consider Swift as a gay ally with activism and an all-LGBTQ music video.


To refresh your memory about the little Swift/Kardashian spat: Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, released a song and music video with a lyric stating that he “made that bitch [Swift] famous.” In the music video, he parodies himself laying naked next to Swift after an orgy basically. He of course is referring to when he grabbed the microphone from her on stage at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2009 claiming that Beyoncé should’ve won instead of Swift. After he did that, Swift essentially jumped to mega stardom, but let’s not act like Swift didn’t work her behind off, having hit after hit after putting years of work in before the mic grab. When Kanye’s song was released, Swift denounced the video and claimed it to be disrespectful. West and Kardashian made allegations that Swift knew about the lyrics and approved of them beforehand – which led to years of Swift being trolled online for being a baby.

A few days ago, an actual video was released showing that West recorded the call and showing no proof of Swift approving the lyrics and proving that Kanye and wife were lying. After this video released, amid a pandemic, social media blew up with the hashtag #KimKardashianIsOverParty – thus playing into the god awful cancellation culture once again. However, the Queen of media and fame, Kardashian, was refusing to be silent.

After the recent video was released, Swift took to her social media to tell she was relieved to finally not be accused of being a liar. The truth was now out and she was in the right all along. Kardashian immediately fired back. The reality television maven took to her own social media, stating that there are more important things to be focusing on amid the current health crisis, admitted to being embarrassed for speaking on drama at this time, but claims Swift is still lying, even though the video proves otherwise. After her first statement, Swift had been silent, but now one of her favorite gays, viral star and frequent RuPaul’s Drag Race guest judge, Todrick Hall, is seemingly coming to her rescue.

According to PinkNews, Hall released some scathing words against the Kardashian clan. In a move that may be career suicide, Hall let loose on the reality pioneer calling her all types of crude names. On his Instagram story, Hall told:


“I CANNOT STAND THIS WOMAN! 1. Taylor didn’t reignite anything, Kris probably leaked this footage her damn self. 2. After your Ray J video publicly documented every crevice of your vagina I highly doubt that you’re embarrassed NOW to respond to this. 3. Just apologize, you self absorbed, entitled, stubborn little queef. [Taylor] was CLEARLY uncomfortable with the situation. No one would ever give permission without ever hearing the song. If they had time to shadily record all this footage, they had time to shoot over an email with the finished product for approval once the song was done. They failed to mention they were going to have a life sized nude figure of Taylor in the bed with Kanye in the video. You want to make Taylor and Kim naked in the video but not himself, show those cakes Kanye if you’re going to force the women in your video to be naked. Double standards and just shady boots dot com. [Editing is] a concept you should be very well acquainted and familiar with as you’ve done it only to this footage but your butt, your hair, the list goes on.”

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While this may be somewhat entertaining during trivial times – Hall might consider taking a seat. It’s was not long ago that he was accused of not paying his employees and he is has been called out for over-react on social media in the past. During this absolutely insane, unprecedented time, does any one truly care about a little squirrel trying to get a nut of drama? The entire situation is perhaps worth talking about, but for someone to butt into grown women’s business is rather… grimy. With the many cancellations of Drag Race characters this year alone, it may be time to rethink having the gossipy, unhinged Hall as a guest host again. Sit down and stay out of it! It appears the quarantine is getting the best of some of us.

Source: Instagram

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2 thoughts on “Todrick Hall Involves Himself In Kardashian Drama”

  1. I feel like this whole mess has been easy publicity for both sides. Kim, Kanye, and Taylor get enjoy free headlines while lyrics from a four year old song are discussed for the umpteenth time. Why Todrick felt his input was necessary is beyond me.

  2. This is 100% my feelings on this. Everyone wanted a response from Taylor. She acknowledged the video, thanked people for their support and directed them to the charities she’s currently donating to during this pandemic.

    Kim went off the wheels as usual and turned it into a huge thing, and Twitter is living for it, but Taylor has remained silent and dropped it (thank GOD).

    Why Todrick feels the need to call out another woman as aggressively as he did, knowing the backlash will be severe, is beyond me. It was juvenile and unnecessary.

    It appears Swift has finally learned how to speak when necessary, and keep her mouth shut when it’s appropriate. Playing into Kim’s bate and further driving this fued is POINTLESS


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