Todrick Hall Speaks Out Amid Accusations

Following his season on Celebrity Big Brother, singer Todrick Hall, 36, canceled all interviews and appearances and had been radio silent regarding the outcome of the season where he finished in second place. Hall only received one of eight votes, courtesy of former Atlanta Housewife, Cynthia Bailey, 55. During the finale, his former housemates Teddi Mellencamp, Shanna Moakler, Chris Kirkpatrick and Todd Bridges did not hold back from their feelings about him.


His interview cancellations fueled the fire of accusations that Hall was, indeed, a sore loser. Fans and critics took note, however, that his tour was continuing as planned. 


In the wake of Hall’s loss on the show, his former assistant, Tommy Italiano, came forward claiming Hall sexually, verbally, and emotionally harasses his employees and that he threatened to out his HIV status to others. He also corroborated previous allegations that Hall doesn’t pay his collaborators and employees.

Hall decided to address the charges and his silence via Instagram on the eve of his new tour.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Hall shared:

This has been the hardest month and 1/2 of my life, but tonight my 7th World Tour kicks off in Seattle. I haven’t avoided press because I’m afraid to comment on my experience on big brother, but more to protect myself and my mental health to make sure I could actually get my show on stage and fulfill my obligations to my fans and my PAID employees. I have no desire to prove myself to people who were never rooting for me to begin with, but I do want to say to my fans that I will be commenting on my experience once the show is open, because I feel you deserve it. Thanks to everyone who watched and supported me in the bb house. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but I’m glad I did it. I am a human being, a real one…I’m not always nice, not always kind nor have I ever claimed to be. I’m very flawed, I’m a work in progress, but that’s the beauty of being human. I have made a ton of mistakes in my life and I will continue to make mistakes, some publicly and some privately. I thank YOU, each and everyone of you who has stood beside me through those mistakes. Those of you who loved and supported me even when it wasn’t easy. Your loyalty to me and my team has been incredible and tonight I’m going to be showering you with every bit of love I have because without you all, I wouldn’t be living out my truth on stage representing my community the way you’ve allowed me to. I will address things in my own way and in my own time, until then thanks for the love, the kind words, the direct messages, it’s really meant so much to me. I love you I love you I love you all and I can’t wait to see you and meet you all on tour. Enjoy 😉


There have also been allegations that Hall has bombarded CBS executives with accusations that the show was ‘rigged’ to make him look bad.


12 thoughts on “Todrick Hall Speaks Out Amid Accusations”

  1. He acted like a spoiled brat that thought he was above everyone else . He thought he was cute and funny all he did was make a fool
    Of himself . He did it all to his self

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  3. Just because someone is in the public eye doesn’t mean he is a role model. He has to live his life the way he see fit. If you don’t like his actions don’t listen to his music don’t go to his shows. You have to support him not the other way around. And you would be mad too if you lost. SMH lol.

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  5. He’s a piece of crap who takes no responsibility for his actions and words. No one forced his to say the things he said and do the things he did.


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