Toronto Police Invited To March In Uniform In NYC’s Televised Pride Parade

What do you do when you are not appreciated where you are?  You go somewhere else.

We've covered the ban on uniformed Toronto Police from marching in their own city's Pride parade. ( Pride Toronto Votes To Ban Police Floats and Marchers From Its Parade and Toronto Police Agree To Not Participate In Pride Parade. Right Choice?) I've vocalized my opinion about the issue many times over and it just gets me hot under the collar. But then again, I am a white, middle class, American, so my opinion about this matter most likely means jack squat.

But we are happy to see that others may be realizing that Toronto Police officers need some inclusion, some lovin', and deserve the right to march.

The Gay Officers Action League (Goal) has invited Toronto police officers to march, in uniform, during New York City's Pride March. The New York City Pride March is on the same day as the Toronto parade. Toronto's police union said it hopes many officers will be able to participate. "We are honoured that they have invited Toronto police officers to attend and march in their parade with uniforms," [said] Mike McCormack, president of the Toronto Police Association. –

The BBC followed up with Pride Toronto in regard to the invite to NYC, but they declined to comment.

Marching in uniform is an important part of any pride parade, said GOAL's executive director William Shephard. "We actually had to sue in the United States federal court in 1997 for the right to march in the NYPD uniforms in New York City Pride," Mr Shephard told the Toronto Star.

Is there a fund where we can help Toronto Police Officers get to NYC? I'd give money for that.


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  1. Hey we love our police and

    Hey we love our police and want them to participate it's the poor judgement of the council..which the community does not support.


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