Transgender Woman Hacked To Death After Her Wedding

Where do you begin with a story like this?  You cannot equate it to anything.  You cannot explain it away as just an incident.  You cannot believe it is happening in the first place.


Transgender Muslim woman Raina Aliev was killed in Russia just days after marrying her husband, Viktor, Yahoo News reported. The complete circumstances of her death are unknown, but Aliev's body was hacked into pieces and left virtually unrecognizable.

The horrific incident allegedly took place after Raina Aliev's father, Alimshaikh Aliev, called for his daughter's execution while repeatedly misgendering her in an announcement to a Russian TV station. 

"Let him be killed, I don't want to see him," he said. "Bring him here and kill him in front of my eyes."

Although the exact motivation behind Aliev's death is still under investigation, the U.K. publication Express reported that a Dagestan mufti, a legal expert who interprets Muslim law, told Russian media that being transgender is banned in Islam: "Changing sex is totally forbidden, because it means that a man will be a woman." 

Aliev's family is Chechen and lives in Dagestan, Russia, a Muslim region between the Caspian Sea and Chechnya, according to Gay Star News. After completing her education, Aliev eventually relocated to Moscow where she worked in the nightlife industry. She met her husband in Karachaevo-Cherkessiya, another primarily Muslim region in Russia.

A neighbor told the Russian Dialog news site that Aliev's father issued a "purman," which invited people to kill his child, after discovering that she would be marrying a man who openly embraced her transgender identity. –


Our thoughts are with both families as well as those that have to live in conditions like this, in nations like this, in America like this.  We proclaim phrases like be yourself and live the life you want, and be happy in your own skin.  So many places, and yes, here in the United States, doing so puts your life in danger. 




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  1. It will get worse.  With the

    It will get worse.  With the rise of fascism in the U.S. as in Russia, it will get much worse.  Sadly, I know a number of gay people who voted for the fascists on the 8th.

  2. Indeed it does. 23 murders in

    Indeed it does. 23 murders in the US since January 1, 2016. And this does not count the number of trans people who have taken their own lives out of the despair our intolerance, our misnaming, our misgendering and all of the other transphobia that we express. It  is time, past time, to work toward solidarity with our siblings, walking beside and supporting back to back always.


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