Travel Thursday: Gadget Recommendations To Make Your Trip More Enjoyable.

I’ve had my fair share of travel.  I often find myself away from home at least once a month.  May it be for an Instinct Magazine trip, a college trip, a quick excursion with friends, a journey back to New England to see family, or a romantic getaway for me, myself, and I, my luggage gest some good use every year. 

What I’ve learned is you need to be comfortable when you travel.  For me, comfortable does include my favorite travel jacket with ample pockets for all my necessities, my headphones to block out those travelers that just don’t need to be listened to, and the slide on shoes that can slide right off once the seatbelt goes on. Those are the simple items.  Here are some other items I have added over the past couple of years that I could not imagine traveling without. It all starts off with luggage.

Luggage – Buy a pair of luggage that you do not mind waiting for.  I had hand-me-down luggage forever. It was bland, worn, faded, and just ugh. I hated waiting for my luggage. 

I more so hated trying to deal with everyone standing 1.3 inches away from the conveyor belt as if somehow, some magical bag fairy would bring their bags first before everyone else standing behind them.  People, if we all stood about 4 feet back, we could see all of our lovely bags come down the belt and we all could calmy approach when your correct bag arrived.  And if y’all stood back, you could see my beautiful bags come by and compliment me on the nice purchase. 

I’ve enjoyed packing, unpacking, the whole conveyor belt drama, and strolling from the car drop off to the check-in desk a lot more since I bought my new bags.  Thank you London Fog for my Navy/Brown Retro luggage. Yeah, they were an expense, but there are some great deals out there (actually found the set for cheaper than one at regular price). Shop around, be happy with your purchase, and remember, accessorize well.  Luggage is not a gadget, but it is a necessity.

Computer Protection – When taking out my laptop at TSA checks that don’t happen to have Pre-Check, I want my computer to be a little more protected than when I place it on my ottoman at home.

This goodie pack that I currently have dressing up my technology has been grand. Not only does the Smooth Soft-Touch Frosted Plastic Cover for MacBook Pro come with a hard case (in red, of course) for the top and bottom of the laptop, it also came with plugs for my holes, um, the ports on the side of the computer, as well as an additional protective bag that fits like spandex gym shorts. Red not your color? It comes in many many colors.  Eight out of the nine plugs stay in well, just keep an eye on them for they may fall out and bounce.

Cable Protection – I’ve been on too many trips and my mac laptop power cord gives out, mainly because it is frayed.  You wrap it around this and clip it onto that and it just doesn’t last too long going back and forth from destination to destination.   

They’re not cheap so I invested in the Fuse – Side Winder. It saves me from worrying if my cord will make it through the next trip.

Okay, I’m a nerd I guess, but I am so excited to use this while on vacation, but it also keeps the mac power cords organized while at home, too.

Phone Cords – break down and buy the extra cords!  It’s dumb for us to unplug the cords from home and throw them in the bag and unpack them and plug them back in again every time we travel. 

For just a couple bucks a piece, I ordered a set of three cords, 3 different lengths.  The 6 foot is by the bed at home, the 3 foot is in the car, and the 10 foot is my travel cord, because you know darn well, the plug will be behind the headboard or the dresser in the hotel room, and you’ll want to be surfing for that travel love while in bed.   

Just spend the extra money, leave a cord in your travel bag.  I even have a car adapter in my bag just in case the transportation from the airport to the final destination is more than an hour and you need that charge.

Power Pack – I’ve been to several conferences where some of the swag include the little rechargeable battery packs. Two have never worked, one made a loud pop and cracked when I plugged it in and three more are just odd and cumbersome and don’t hold a charge for long

I’m living for my DULLA M50000 Portable Power Bank 12000mAh External Battery Charger.  The advertisement I read before I bought it claimed that it held 4 full charges for an iPhone, but now more recent ads are saying 5. 

It comes with a powerful light and two USB ports which are great when your friend sees you pull it out and he wants some of the juice.

Toiletry Bag – Get organized with this L.L. Bean toiletry bag that is ready when you are.  Buy the extra deodorant, toothpaste, and other personal care products and leave them in this waterproof bag. 

I love the fact that it can hold so much and has a hanger for the back door or towel bar. 

Like I said, don’t just buy the bag, that’s half the battle.  Buy the extra supplies and keep it at the ready. 

You never know when you’ll want to pack before work for a great getaway to the Keys. There’s enough room for everything you need in here.


Personal Cleanser – You never know when you will need to get ready for whatever may happen and I had to include something a little adult-y.

One guy we met in a bar told us he just uses a water bottle to get ready for the party. 

Wanting to be a little more sure of things back there, the Ultra Douche is the right thing for the job.  I do not think there is an easier thing to use.  The best part, it breaks down into three nice parts that can fit in many different places within your L.L. Bean bag mentioned above.

I read some of the reviews before using.  They are pretty specific on best practices when using, so take note.

To make travel easier, invest in things that will keep travel simple.  Some may cost a little, but when it helps to lessen worries while traveling, the expense is worth it.  Those are just some of the items that keep my travels a little bit easier.  

What products do you like to travel with? 

What makes your journeys a little bit easier?

This list was compiled by yours truly and not Instinct Magazine as a whole.  These are my opinions and not the opinions of the magazine.

If you have travel ideas, places we should visit, or work for a PR company and are looking for writers to visit, please reach out to and address your comments to the Managing Editor.

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