Travelers Are Flying Happy With this Flight Attendant’s Gyrating Hips

On August 1st, Virgin America will officially become Alaska Airlines. The companies will be merging after the Alaska acquired Virgin America in 2016. Those who have flown Virgin might miss their casual, carefree flights. We will see what Alaska has in store for travelers. Hopefully the recent story of a gay couple asked to move to make room for a straight couple won’t be a sign of flights to come.

One person who is looking on the bright side is Virgin America flight attendant Mikey Tongko Burry, a medal-winning ice skater who loves to serve coffee 35,000 feet in the air.

In honor of Virgin’s departure (see what I did there?) Tongko Burry decided to make Virgin’s safety video/announcement interesting for travelers by adding a little of his own dance routine to the messages.

The flight attendant is really putting a smile on travelers’ faces with his gyrating hips. I wonder what he does when there’s turbulence?

Yassss, queen! Werk! Please prepare for take-off!

h/t: Mikey Tongko Burry Instagram

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