Two Horrific Metro Attacks In Two Major Cities This Past Sunday. (GRAPHIC)

Sometimes there is violence and we can get past it.  Other times the violence is so disgusting and moronic that you have to stop and really ask yourself how we got to this point.  Two cases over the week have left us shaking our heads and wishing they were not true.


A black transgender man was slashed by a woman he offered his seat to while riding a Manhattan subway on Sunday night, authorities announced Monday. The suspect is currently facing hate crime charges after allegedly making racist comments to the victim.

The 44-year-old man was riding a northbound 4 train when the female suspect, 30-year-old Stephanie Pazmino, and her cousin entered the train. When he offered to move over for the two women, she admitted that she didn’t want to sit next to a black person, the New York Post first reported.

"I don't want your seat," she said, according to police, before telling her cousin in Spanish that she didn’t “want to sit next to a black person.”

Then, police said Pazmino and the man got into a verbal argument and the man got up and moved to the end of the train. When he attempted to leave the train at 125th Street, the suspect took out a two-inch knife, allegedly slashed him several times on the left side of his face, and stabbed his left arm. –


The attacker has been charged with a hate crime assault as well as other charges.  Since the statement was race related and not LGBT related, the victim's gender identity may not be involved.

One of our readers, Marcelo from Sao Paulo, Brazil let us know of a horrific case of that occurred recently in his city.  The story and the video are graphic, upsetting, and just inhumane.


A 54-year-old man was beaten to death on Sunday night (25) inside the Pedro 2º station, the 3-red line of the São Paulo Metro, in the central region of São Paulo.

Police said street vendor Luiz Carlos Ruas was beaten by two men in the free area of ​​the mezzanine, near the station's ticket office. The crime would have happened around 8:50 p.m. Police investigate possible involvement of an intolerance group in the crime.

According to witnesses, the pair would have gone to urinate on the plants outside the station when two transvestites complained. Streets tried to defend one of them and, according to police, there was disagreement and the ambulant ran to protect himself inside the station, where he was beaten with several blows.

The Subway reported that the security guards provided the first aid and sent the peddler to the Vergueiro emergency room, where he did not resist the injuries and died.


There is graphic picture over at It's sickening that people can believe that they can do such things.

If you want to continue to the video below, you can.

We are beside ourselves that such attacks occur. We have cried so much this year over stars living out their lives to the end and leaving us because of cancer, a heart attach, old age, overdoses, suicides.  Yes, when these stars pass away, it is troubling, but they are understandable.  When a man is beaten to death for showing some humanity, some love for another, looking out for a complete stranger, you have to wonder why.






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