Two Men Face Up To A 15-Year Sentence For Organizing A ‘Gay Party’

Two men in Indonesia are facing up to 15 years in prison after being arrested for organizing what authorities are calling a ‘gay party.'

Police raided a hotel in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second biggest city, where officers found 14 men in two rooms watching gay porn and performing what they labeled ‘deviant sexual acts.’

Eight people were arrested and six had charges filed against them under the country’s strict anti-pornography law.

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‘This is the first time we enforce the law and arrest gay people in the city,’ said Shinto Silitonga, the local police’s head of detectives.

In a post on his Facebook page, he posted that police had confiscated motorcycles and cars from the men arrested. ‘May the law enforcement approach be one instrument to minimize similar actions,’ he wrote.

If it was a sex party as the police describe, what should the punishment be?

What would the punishment be in your country?

Is there a punishment for sex parties if they are all consenting adults?

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  1. I live in indonesia for whole

    I live in indonesia for whole of my life… i have no idea to explain what is going on. This kind activity is disgusting for most people especially for Moslem. What i want to say is that being Lgbt for and Indonesia especially a moslem wilmnbe very difficult to have those activity and express love because the country and religion it self forbid it hardly


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