UFC’s Liz Carmouche Says The Organization is Ready for a Gay Man

Major sports leagues like the NBA and NFL have had its share of players come out of the closet in recent years, most notably NBA player Jason Collins and pro-wrestler Mike Parrow.  One organization that has yet to see an openly gay man participate is UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), however one of its fighters thinks that moment will happen sooner than later. 

Liz Carmouche, UFC's first out and proud lesbian, spoke with TMZ Sports about how an openly gay fighter could really benefit from being in their organization.  "I do actually believe that a man could come out as openly gay and he could rise to the top," she revealed. 

She had her doubts about a gay man following in her footsteps, however, that all changed for her after experiencing how LGBTQ fighters are treated in MMA gyms like her own (San Diego Combat Academy).

UFC will be in a different spotlight next month, as former fighter (not out but still hot) Chuck Liddell will be competing on the first ever season of Celebrity Big Brother here in the states. 

Do you think UFC is ready for an openly gay fighter to compete?

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