VELO’s Latin Track ‘Oye Papi’ Spices Things Up

VELO, a popular queer performer at Gay Pride events throughout the west coast, is back with his second full-length album “CRUZIN”. A few weeks ago, he released a steamy music video featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Phi Phi O’Hara and Aja titled ‘Big Dick Daddy’. Now the zaddy is back with a sexy follow-up video ‘Oye Papi’, a sizzling latin dance track that will make you sweat. ‘Oye Papi’ features RPDR’s Yara Sofia, Legendary Drag Queen DJ Chi Chi LaRue, Andrew Christian models Pablo Hernandez & Jon Pastor as well as popular personalities Rhea Litré, James Majesty, Kaleena Markos, Jessica L’Whor & More!


VELO shared with me about his music, his inspirations, and why he has the best job ever:

What is the story behind Oye Papi and your album Cruzin'

For the track Oye Papi, I was super inspired by J-Balvins – Mi Gente and I wanted to bring that vibe into the Gay entertainment world in my own way. For the video I wanted it to be out of the box, super Latino centered but keep it light hearted and interesting. Working on Cruzin was a lot of fun, I got to collaborate with people I admire, look up to and respect as entertainers. This album is super personal because I finally feel confident as a producer and found who I am as a Recording Artist. To have Rhea Litré and Pablo Hernandez jump on a couple of tracks was a dream come true. I can’t wait for people to see the music videos for these collaborations. 

You seem to feature a lot of drag performers in your videos, why is that?


I absolutely respect Drag Queens. They are the back bone of the community. I think of the Stone Wall riots all the way to main stream entertainment like Rupaul’s Drag Race. In the gay entertainment world they are the main focus and working with them to me as a gay artist is a dream and a pleasure because they work so hard at their craft and I admire that hustle. Drag owns the gay scene and has always been a huge part of it. 

How can you focus with so much eye candy on set?


It’s not easy trust me haha

But it is fun to come into "work" and have that be sexy men in underwear dancing to your songs.

Best job ever haha

Who would be the ultimate collab in your music or in one of your videos?


Aside from Mama Ru herself, I would love to collaborate one day with Alaska and Willam. They are absolutely incredible entertainers and I respect their hustle and art. 

What's next on your musical journey? 

My next single is Cruzin ft Rhea Litré. She is a super star and the video we have filmed is visually stunning. It’s a dirty rap song for those pigs out there that love to grind to dirty words and hip hop beats. I'm also currently working on a spanish album (out next spring hopefully) that will feature Gay Icon Boomer Banks, Pablo Hernandez, and super star queens Rhea Litré and Melissa Befierce. 

Oye Papi’s will have you popping to the reggaeton beats—whether at the club or in your bedroom—the perfect song to spice up your night.


Watch the video here:

Download the full album, “CRUZIN” on iTunes

Check out more of VELO on social media @velomusic


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