‘Walking Dead’ Actor Daniel Newman Joined OnlyFans

Images via Instagram @danielnewman_

Another male celebrity has joined OnlyFans. But, yet again, the actor says she will not be putting up NSFW content.

It’s become pretty normal by now to see male actors and musicians on OnlyFans. But while the site primarily remains a place for adult content, male celebs have decdied to make it a place to connect with their most for their most dedicated fans. Whether it be holding Q&As, raising money for a good cause, or promoting their work outside the site, male celebs are using OnlyFans in a variety of ways. And now, former Walking Dead actor Daniel Newman is doing the same.


East Siders performer Newman announced on December 26 that he has opened up an OnlyFans. Though, the actor also shared that he has no plans of posting “X”-rated content.

“I just joined OnlyFans!” he wrote on Twitter. “Let’s have some fun!! It will all be PG to maybe R-rated tho just warning NO X. Merry Christmas (& Definitely all photoshopped!!).”


What’s both surprising and unsurprising about this announcement is that Daniel Newman is no stranger to posting thirst trap photos on his social media pages. After coming out as bisexual in 2017, Daniel Newman has continuously posted thirst pic after thirst pic of himself.


And with that in mind, will Daniel Newman’s OnlyFans be worth it? If the man is willing to post his bulge or his naked body in bed on Instagram, what will he do to differentiate his OnlyFans? Perhaps, Newman will post exclusive pictures and videos that, as he puts it, range from a tame PG to a sultry R-rating. But will that be enough for him to get a significant subscriber base?

Right now, it looks like it, as Daniel Newman has jumped to the top 3% of male performers within the first few days of having an account. It looks like the account is already working out for Newman. On top of that, he’s offered free accounts and 24 hour free trials to fans. So, the man knows how to entice his audience.



Plus, despite originally not wanting to post “X” content, Newman has posted on OnlyFans that he is willing to send NSFW photos through DMs. He has also asked fans for performer/account recommendations that he can reach out to and “make some Videos with.” So, perhaps his thoughts on what counts as “R rated” is more graphic than we first thought.

So, good for you Daniel Newman! Wishing you the best with your new account and content.

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