Was The Holi-Slay Spectacular Just a Promotional Tool For RuPaul’s Christmas Album?

I was lucky enough to have cable TV on my flight back from San Francisco last night. The only reason why I was excited about this was because RuPaul’s Holi-Slay Spectacular was premiering while I was mid-air, and I feared missing out on all of the wintry & dragged out type fun that this show is known for.

By the time the episode finished, I was left in a state of confusion and puzzlement. Spoiler alerts ahead for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, so if you don’t want to know what happened, don’t read on (Read this lovely Drag Race countdown I did instead here!)

The one-hour special was designed to crown America’s First Xmas Queen from a group of talented past competitors. Latrice RoyaleTrixie MattelShangela,SoniqueKim ChiJasmine MastersMayhem Miller and Eureka were all in the running… for ultimately nothing as Ru crowned them all winners by the end of the episode.

There were several moments throughout the show that highlighted tracks from Ru’s album Slay Belles (available on iTunes of course). This included when the girls danced their way down the Werk Room next to some near naked men who were dressed up in some festive holiday garb (meaning just shorts and nothing else), during the choreographed number on the runway stage and even when they were all chatting while beating their face.

We also finally got to see Ru and Michelle Visage lip sync at the end of the episode, which was hilarious and amazing to watch all at the same time.

It was cute, don’t get me wrong. It was also nice to see some queens who haven’t been back on the show in a while, notably Sonique (GORGEOUS!) At the same time, there was really no differentiation in determining how they were going to crown one of them the prize, as the fashions, choreography and general fabulosity was on point by all.

If I had to choose a winner from the group, it would possibly be Mayhem only because her fashion stood out from the rest. The other girls went kind of traditional with their holiday runway looks, however the season 10 competitor went against the red, green and white ensembles that became redundant with something much darker and different. Kudos to Sonique as well for making a beige gingerbread type outfit look totally fierce.

Not much of a difference in the choreography as well… everyone stood out. To me, this was more of a fun addition to a show that has had so much success in the past year alone. It also served as a way to endlessly promote All Stars 4, which premieres next Friday. They aired an extended trailer for it, where it appears the All Stars rules (the girls eliminate each other as opposed to the judges) have been “temporarily suspended.”

Ho, ho ho… hennies. 



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