Was This Interview Uncomfortable, Inspiring, or Awkward?

A conservative, a lesbian, and a gay man were on a couch …   It sounds like a lead into a joke, but it was what happened on The View today.

Continuing his publicity tour after coming out as HIV positive, Danny Pintauro was briefly interviewed today by Candace Cameron Bure and Raven Symone.

Some news sites are highlighting the interview as "Pintauro Shamed" by the two The View's cohosts, Raven and Candace.  Watch this clip below and tell us what you think.




Was the interview uncomfortable, inspiring, or awkward? 

Did Cameron seem more stiff than usual? 

Did Raven seem to overcompensate for Cameron's discomfort, yet come up with some zingers of her own?

What about that "are you safe" question?

Does Danny deserve to take their places on The View?


What do you think?