Watch Antoni And Jonathan Take A BFF Test


The adorableness keeps on rolling.

It’s no surprise to anyone who pays attention to them that Antoni Porowski and Jonathan van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye are close. Fans of the show and the Fab Five have hypothesized and gossiped about the two’s relationship for a couple years now. This is despite that fact that both have dated other people in the past two years.

But once you strip away the romantic rumors, you can still see a strong platonic love between the two. Simple, they’re good, and possibly best, friends.

Picking up on that fact, Buzzfeed got the two reality program stars together to have them take a BFF Test. The two then wrack their brains and have a joyous time talking about each other’s favorite books, zodiac signs, biggest fears, and more. The two skip down memory lane as they talk about their friendship and their favorite things about each other. And honestly, it’s as adorable as you might imagine.

So if you are a lover for Queer Eye, Antoni and Jonathan, or just friendship overall, check out the video below. And then, consider taking asking the same questions about you and your best friend!

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