Watch: Tiffany Haddish and Jonathan Van Ness Bring the LOLs on ‘Gay of Thrones’

Perhaps you’ve heard: Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones was crazzzy divisive. A lot of diehard fans and critics really hated it, but it does have its defenders. 

Maybe we can all be more united in liking the latest installment of Jonathan Van Ness’s Gay of Thrones on Funny or Die. The weekly GoT recap/salon special had a very special guest this week. It’s none other than Night School and The Last O.G. star Tiffany Haddish!  

Van Ness and Haddish bring the laughs as they discuss the penultimate Game of Thrones episode, “The Bells.” 


Among the funniest bits: Van Ness calls Dany “Christina Aguilera,” and he also teaches Haddish about male douching. 

These two are a match made in comedy heaven. Beneath their lovably larger-than-life personalities and line deliveries, there’s a lot of wisdom. Let’s have these two paired again sooner rather than later, k?! 

Haddish won the New York Film Critics Circle award for Best Supporting Actress for her breakout turn in Girls Trip. 

Watch Season 8 Episode 5 of Gay of Thrones, “The Lust War,” below. 

Do you hate “The Bells” as much as most of the internet? Are you a fan of Gay of Thrones? Let us know in the comments. 

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