We Are Thirsty At Any And Every Age.

There isn't a specific time, age, or place to be sexy and confident.  It's every day, every where, and at any age.  We should be proud of getting older and living the lives we desire to live.

There's a lot of ageism in the gay world.  Some spread it more than others while many of us embrace getting older, because, hey, the alternative is much worse.  I recall some of the stories we have covered in the past where young men say guys over 30 should stay out of the clubs, and fundraisers charging men over 40 a fee while twenty and thirty somethings get in for free. 

We post pics of young lads with the dingalings and ass cheeks flying about, but not many post pics of older men.  Age doesn't sell.  Older men are not click bait.  Oh, it is so good to be proven wrong. Sexy is sexy.



“Anthony Varrecchia is a man of style. I had been an admirer of his for a long time, and recently, on a trip to New York, I got the chance to work with him. I am happy to say he is everything you could hope for – friendly, warm, beautiful and always happy to get naked. A true VENFIELD8 man. This guy just can’t help but be sexy….. And he proves, nothing is more stylish than skin.” VENFIELD8 – accidentalbear.com



There are a couple of more pics that are a little too racey for Instinct to post here, so head on over to accidentalbear.com to see more of Anthony and more of the VENFIELD8 style.

Thanks guys for sharing your pics and your passion with us. 


Model: Anthony Varrecchia |Follow on Instagram 

Photographer: Venfield8 | Follow on Instagram and at venfield8.tumblr.com (NSFW)

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