We Asked, You Answered: What is Your Proudest Moment as a Gay Man?

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Pride can mean so many things when it comes to being an openly gay male. But what happens when there’s one moment, one truly incredible thing, that sticks out to you the most when you think of that word in your own life?

I’ve had many special memories ever since I came out of the closet during my freshman year of high school. Coming out is one, as its a monumental moment in anyone’s life, but for me it was when I got to interview Meryl Streep face to face at an awards ceremony in 2016. The idea that I could go from being a no-name wirter to chatting with the Katharine Hepburn of our generation still makes me beam with pride all this time later. The reason being is that I worked very hard to get to that point and the fact that it actually happened is proof that the reward is worth the wait if you stick with something you love.

This got me thinking about what other openly gay men feel is their all-time most proudest moment since coming out. I asked this question to a bunch of friends who all gave me some incredibly heartfelt and diverse answers. Whether it’s love, career or something else, it remains in their heads as a defining moment on what shaped them to be the person they are today.

Take a look at some of the responses given to the question, “What is your proudest moment as a gay man?” 

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“The proudest moment for me as a gay man was changing my city’s policy on LGBT rights and protection. We now have protection against discrimination in the city I work in!”

“Standing center stage in full drag and telling a full theatre that we have come so far as a community, made so much change, but we have more work to do. The fight isn’t over yet. The audience jumped to their feet cheering, agreeing and applauding.”

“My proudest moment would be writing, directing and producing a solo performance called ‘Strong Female Protagonist’ a play about my hero’s quest of becoming a drag queen, and performing it six times in Portland, Oregon.”

“Every time someone says to me, ‘I just love your family’ and they’re referring to me, my ex wife, my husband and our three amazing kids that we co-parent together.’

“Being born and raised in the Middle East I never thought I’d get to a place where I could fully be who I am. When I moved to Chicago and attended my first Pride parade in 2012, seeing everyone around me, people just like me having a good time and being proud of themselves, made me feel proud and for the first time OK with who i am deep down.”

“My proudest moment as a gay man was marrying my partner of 13 yrs, Marc. He is now my husband, and I’ve never felt more loved.”

“My proudest moment as a gay man was when I came out to myself; finally owning internally who I was and being ready to celebrate my homosexuality.”

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“Dancing with my boyfriend at his senior prom on top the stairs at city hall in San Francisco.”

“Having the parents who rejected me 16 years ago after coming out, attended my wedding on 1/12/19 and call my husband ‘son’.”
“An amazing moment is when I was asked to perform for Pride at the Dark Lady (gay bar in Providence, Rhode Island). Every emotion that i ever had was surging through my body. To be able to get up.. and dance in front of 10k people and giving it my all was incredible. To be one of the only male performers was absolutely incredible.”
“My proudest moment as a gay man was being one of the first people to participate in the first ever Harvey Milk Day March in downtown LA back in 2010 when we were marching for equal Federal Rights.”
“Standing in protest against the discrimination of trans individuals alongside other LGBTQ brothers and sisters when NC’s House Bill 2 was signed into effect back in 2016.”
Credit: Gustavo Peres/Pexels
What is your proudest moment? Let us know in the comments section.

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