Web Series: Matt & Dan Are ‘Best Friends For Never’

Matt Wilkas has no idea where he's supposed to know where he met Dan's character in the latest from 'Matt & Dan' web series
Matt Wilkas in ‘Best Friends For Never’ (screen capture)

Don’t you hate it when folks come up to you in public, immediately jump into conversation like they know you, but you have NO IDEA who they are?

The latest episode from Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh’s self-titled web series, Matt & Dan, takes the ‘where do I know you from?’ scenario and ramps up the socially awkward score to Level 10.

In ‘Best Friends For Never,’ Matt is grabbing some java on his way to CrossFit class when Dan spots him from across the coffee shop.

Dan: “Oh, my god…Ben!”

Matt: (draws total blank) “So fun…”(not)

Amid weird hugs and kisses, Matt tries to decipher where he knows Dan from, but…nothing.

Dan Gordh in ‘Best Friends For Never’ (screen capture)

Every question is met with a dodge even though Dan clearly knows a LOT about Matt’s life – his recent birthday party, his gym workout schedule…

When Matt’s friend ‘Sarah’ (guest star Julia Cho) gets dragged into the increasingly weird meet-up, she tries to divine some background (“Are you in Jill’s Pilates class? Northwestern?”), but only finds herself further and further in the Twilight Zone.

We won’t give away where it all goes, but props to the duo for the deliciously off-kilter encounter.

Plus – bonus points for Matt Wilkas in a tank top 🙂

Check out the new episode below, and you can find past episodes on their YouTube channel here.

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