Welcome To The Peak Break-Up Time Of The Year!

Are you going home with your significant other this holiday season?  Well don't count on it until the end of the day today.  If there ain't a ring on it, you had better think again.  It appears that December 11th is the day relationships need to make it past if they are to survive the holiday season. 

We've all heard of people breaking up before summer so you can have fun at all the prides, sex fests, and circuit parties during the hottest days of the year.  Now, researchers say that maybe, that relationship you held onto at the end of the summer will fizzle out just about now. 

The specific date – this Sunday, December 11th – has been identified by statisticians who monitored 'break up' Facebook posts and statuses.

Why now? 

Is it to save money? 

Not wanting to introduce them to family yet or ever?

Too stressful time of the year, so to simplify, ditch the date?

Would you rather be just with family?

So if you make it past today, well then, bravo?   As long as you are happy I guess.  But brace for impact because the other high dumping time of the year is just around the corner.  Set your sights on Valentine's Day and just before.  If you can make it through that, you may have clear sailing until next November and December.

I honestly think my first relationship did break up on or near December 11th.  It was odd, because he had already bought me my Christmas present.  But come to find out, he was already seeing someone else and I couldn't compare since he needed to date a policemen or firemen so he could feel protected.  Dodged a crazy bullet there!

Have you been dumped or dumped someone around the holiday season? 

What was your reasoning?

h/t: informationisbeautiful.com


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