‘W&G’ Creators Seemingly Address Debra Messing & Megan Mullally’s Rumored Feud

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The creators of Will & Grace didn’t exactly deny rumors about that alleged feud between Debra Messing & Megan Mullally.

Max Mutchnick and David Kohan did a Q&A interview with Entertainment Weekly where they hinted that they worked around any such tension. “We always work under this kind of motto that everything’s about the work,” Mutchnick, 54, said when he was asked directly about allegations of their feud. 

A conspiracy theory started going around last year about why Will & Grace was cancelled when fans noticed that Debra and Megan unfollowed each other on social media. Everyone from the primary cast (Sean Hayes) included still follow each other minus the two funny ladies, leading many to believe that the show got the axe for personal reasons and not professional ones.

Megan intensified those rumors when she posted and deleted an Instagram story that talked about her feeling “the best” now that she’s lost her “attachment to somebody.” Another cryptic post that still remains active on her page is a message that says “Don’t ask people for directions if they’ve never been where you’re going.”

“It’s just about the work,” Mutchnick continued. “And so if we stay true to that, then we just keep you guys out of whatever happened on the set this year because it would have done nothing but get in the way of the stories that we wanted to tell.”

He continued, “It was not an easy year, but the permanent legacy of the show is much more important to us than any temporary squabble that would take place on the stage.” 

Mutchnick also referred to Messing’s contract as a “pain in the ass” as it stipulated she had to be done with the show by Christmas. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise as they were able to film all the remaining episodes before the worldwide coronavirus pandemic happened.

“Thank God Debra had it in her contract that we had to be done by Christmas. I finally found the silver lining in that really pain-in-the-ass clause,” he laughed.

Will & Grace aired its series finale on Thursday, April 23, with a special episode that looked back at the show’s 20 plus year history after that. 

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  1. I wish it was still going. living in Karenwalker land, lol, I want to see the next steps and everything. I have to admit when David Schwimmer was on it his character was so wrong and negative and wasn”t funny. I did not watch it as much. This season was awesome. they should still be on. also I never understand why there was never a consistent Halloween episode.


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