Wheels Up! ‘Queer Eye’ Returns & Hits The Big Easy For Season 7

After a phenomenally successful Season Six spent in The Lone Star State, the Queer Eye gang are packing up and heading the land of beads, bayou and plentiful gumbo; Season Seven of Netflix’s Queer Eye all be filmed directly in New Orleans, Louisiana. The season seven announcement followed up with a casting announcement for Season 7 heroes, saying “If you know someone in NOLA who is deserving of a Queer Eye make-better let us know [at] QEcasting@itv.com.”


Whether they are in rolling hills of Texas or the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the heroes of Queer Eye continue to be the focal point of each and every episode (including their capsule season in Japan, which is a must-watch). Speaking of its global reach, Queer Eye has also recently expanded into Germany with Queer Eye Germany, with a brand new cast of its own. The cast of America’s Queer Eye also recently took on their German counterparts virtually, where they challenged the United States crew to see how many German phrases they could guess, to predictably hilarious results. 

In the downtime between seasons, the Queer Eye crew have been keeping busy with their own projects. Karamo announced a brand new daytime talk show (kicking off this fall), and Tan France welcomed his first child with husband Rob in July 2021 and has been enjoying parenthood. Bobby Berk competed on The Masked Singer as ‘Caterpillar’ and Antoni Porowski dropped his brand newest cookbook Let’s Do Dinner (along with continuing to thrill the Internet with copious thirst trap photos). As for Jonathan Van Ness, he has enjoyed expanding his own horizons on his Netflix show Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, where he poses some of life’s most polarizing questions to both the audience and himself (such as “Are Skyscrapers Huge Divas”?). Recently, Van Ness & colleague and close friend Porowski recreated a famed I Love Lucy scene in full drag, complete with plentiful sweets on a conveyer belt! 


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  1. While I love this new reboot (one of my fave gay shows), I personally think they need to space the seasons out a little more.


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