Who are the Ten Best Guest Stars to Ever Appear on ‘Will & Grace’?

If there was ever a sitcom to feature a ton of incredible talent since the new millennium, it has to be Will & Grace.  

Over its eight season original run and it's revival this year, the show has brought on some legendary guest stars who have made us laugh and giggle as they run into the hilarious shenanigans with Will, Grace, Jack, Karen, and even Rosario every once in a while.

So who are our ten favorites?  We polled, you answered, and here they are… in no particular order, your ten favorite guest stars to ever appear on Will & Grace.

Kevin Bacon.  Kevin guest starred as, well… Kevin.  In a 2002 episode called "Bacon and Eggs", Jack begins stalking Kevin and eventually gets a job as his assistant, without Kevin knowing ahead of time that he is the one stalking him.  This eventually leads to what we were all waiting for, a Footloose dance off between Kevin and Will, not Jack, which becomes one of the show's all-time best moments. 

Madonna: The material girl guest starred as Karen's roommate in an episode called Dolls and Dolls, where Karen tries to act like a more normal person and see what life is like outside of living at The Palace Hotel with Rosario.  Madonna plays an overly confident office manager who works in the music industry, where the two of them get along until they fight over a guy named Kurt at a bar and then it all goes downhill from there. 

Janet Jackson- Janet, similarly to Kevin, guests as herself as Jack tries to audition as her backup dancer for her upcoming tour. Janet definitely gets points for her comedic chops, something we didn't see since her early acting years before the whole music icon thing began.  Speaking of music icons…

Jennifer Lopez- J. Lo (who is set to make not one, but two appearances this season) definitely helped with the star power as Debra Messing was absent towards the end of season 6 due to her being pregnant in real life.  She performed as herself for Karen's wedding to Lyle Finster, and then stuck around for the season 7 premiere as she and Jack spent most of the summer together. 


Cher- Hands down one of the funniest scenes ever on W&G is when Cher herself actually confronts Jack about his weird obsession with his Cher doll.  Jack is convinced that Cher is a drag queen, not really her, until she slaps him and says "Snap out of it," and Jack faints.  Classic. 

Minnie Driver- Minnie has made several appearances on the show, that she's more of a recurring character at this point.  Starring as Lyle Finster's daughter Lorraine, she's the only character to really make Karen squirm outside of Beverly Leslie.  Her hussie and scandalous ways just made this character easily one of the best she's ever played. 

Ellen DeGeneres- Shortly before her legendary talk show began, Ellen guest starred on an episode of Will & Grace as a nun that buys a car from Grace.  You heard that right… a nun. 

Ben Platt- Ben appeared this season as Will's much younger date and sort of the definition of what a millennial is, even though he still pulled it off in a cute and adorable way. 

Sandra Bernhard: Sandra guest starred as herself, where Will & Grace visit her posh townhouse after they started posing as a wealthy couple shopping for homes.  Grace singing "Midnight Train to Georgia" was Emmy and Golden Globe worthy, all at the same time. 


Parker Posey- Parker played Jack's boss at Barney's named Dorleen, and her dry and irreverent sense of humor that has worked in so many other things she has done definitely works here. 



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  1. You forgot three huge guest

    You forgot three huge guest Stars: Debbie Reynolds, Molly Shannon, and Blythe Danner. Perhaps they were considered recurring stars, but they were great. 


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