Who Is Cody Rigsby’s Boyfriend Andrés Alfaro?

Cody Rigsby is proving himself to be a standout on this season of Dancing With The Stars, especially after last night’s ominous and highly scored American Psycho-inspired dance to Kim Petras’ perfectly matched ‘There Will Be Blood’. It is also the first time we can recall hearing Rigsby speak at length about partner Andrés Alfaro, who Rigsby dedicated the dance to during last night’s ‘Horror’ inspired night on the ballroom floor. 


While Alfaro has not been seen on-screen as of yet, this stunning Barry’s Bootcamp trainer is a superstar in his own right. His Barry’s bio says in part “Three words to describe my teaching style would be fierce results, driven, and challenging. My classes are dynamic, and rewarding so you can expect to push past their limits and leave feeling rewarded and inspired by the results.” When he’s not training, Alfaro’s instagram showcases plenty of traveling, and Alfaro even had his own photoshoot with famed photographer Marco Ovando (which was documented by dekkoo)


When host Tyra Banks pointed out that Alfaro knew Rigsby before his rise to stardom, Rigsby pointed out that it “feels amazing to have that support and system”. Rigsby went on to emotionally mention that “as gay men sometimes we dont always have family; so he is my family and that is so important to me”. Rigsby himself most likely relied heavily on Alfaro for support during his Dancing With The Stars tenure. Immediately a fan favorite, he and Cheryl Burke had to dance virtually several weeks ago (separately and from their own individual homes) after contracting COVID. Dancing With The Stars cameras captured both the stress and emotion from not only contracting COVID-19 (both Rigsby and Burke are vaccinated), but continuing to practice their dance for the week (they danced jazz that week). 


Alfaro and Rigsby continue to showcase their sun-kissed lives on Instagram, with Alfaro documenting their trips to locales like Spain and Fire Island. For his own part, Alfaro’s Barry’s bio shows a simple and playful side, saying “I can’t live without my Nespresso, my guilty pleasure is sleeping in and cream cheese bagels and my friends would say I’m commanding, and an opinionated queen with a playful sass.”

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