Who Was The Hottie ‘HumanBear’ At Last Night’s Democratic Debate?

Last night we posted on our Facebook and Instagram the following:

I took to the internet and tried to get a better look at him, but in brightening up the pic, no answers were found, except the thirst became real.


Well, gay twitter exploded as well as our Facebook and, well, y’all knew who the thirst trap was.

And not only did gay twitter proclaim from the heights of the internet who he was, HE, the man in question, heard about it and responded.

We don’t make a thing of anything lightly.  It was well warranted. What caught our eyes first? It might have been that beard.


Or if could have been how well that suit showed off those traps. I wanted to raid his Instagram @humanbear10 (of course it is that), but it will take approval to see what is there. So we raided his twitter #LAcollis and found out he definitely deserved us drooling over him, I mean deserved that front seat at the debate.  Not only is he a thirst trap and an accomplished athlete, he’s active in politics.  His twitter profile says – Arena League Quarterback for the Philadelphia Soul, Political Enthusiast. But we think that needs an update as he seems to be playing for the Georgia Doom now. In a WLZT News interview, Collis discusses his involvement in Georgia Politics (picture linked to WLZT website).

WLZT News Screen shot

A many with muscles, a brain, involved in politics, a beard, gawd, those ears, where do we sign up?  And then, not only is he involved in politics, he’s on the right side of things which is seen even back in 2017 when he shared:

This is not the first time a political debate spawned a search for the thirst trap.

Back in September of 2015, Cosmopolitan covered The Mystery Hottie Sitting Behind Jake Tapper Was the Real Winner of the GOP Debate

Cosmopolitan photograph


Politics and eye candy.  What a night!

There’s no idea if this 31-year old is on our team, bi team, or is in the straight league.  But he did say he is in a committed relationship when I chatted with him today. Yes, we can be happy for him!  We can still drool a little, love his activism, those ears, and love that fact that he’s okay with us lusting a little after him. Thanks Luke.

And in keeping with that lust, without being able to raid his Insta, here’s some pics of the humanbear10 we did find. … UPDATE!!!  Oh Snap!  Luke returned my Instagram request and let me borrow some pics and sent me some others.  Here you go. 

Twitter profile pic



Instagram Photo



Photo supplied by Luke Collis
Photo supplied by Luke Collis
Photo supplied by Luke Collis
Photo supplied by Luke Collis
Screenshot from video on lukecollis.com
Screenshot from video on lukecollis.com


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