With Two Brand New Shows & A Podcast, Everything’s Coming Up Nina West!

With the nation on what sometimes feels like a country-wide pause, Nina West is finding a number of unique and creative ways to impart her own particular brand of sparkling Midwestern talent and is determined to share as much love as she can during a time that our country could use it the most. 

Photo Courtesy of Nina West (Facebook)

West is wrapping up the month of April with a show on Stageit.com, which the self proclaimed Disney fantastic has aptly titled The Wonderful World Of Nina (West’s online shows have proven to be some of the most popular airing, with extra shows being added). She also is joining the roster of Sickening Summer Series by Wow Presents Plus, with her entry, Drag Is Magic. With her album of the same name serving as inspiration, West continue to inspire and entertain some of her youngest fans, reminding them that “drag is cool & drag is fun” and that they can be absolutely anything that they want to be. 


Finally, West and her co-host Patricia Taylor host the podcast Dragcast, and have featured some high profile names as guest recently. Everyone from Broadway dynamo Kristin Chenoweth and RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Ross Matthews have been featured. In a turn, West joined Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley of the beloved Harry Potter films) on the Mischief Management Twitch stream last week! Knowing of West’s love for all things involving the young wizard, graphic artist Danny Martinez (and co-founder of DMartgear clothing line) crafted West into Harry Potter’s favorite muse, Hermione Granger! 

For more information on Nina West, check out her homepage.

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