Would I Let Chris Hemsworth Punch Me? Yes.

Credit: Chris Hemsworth Instagram

How lucky are we that we get to live in a world where Chris Hemsworth exists, and he shares shirtless content on Instagram on an almost weekly basis? 

The 40-year-old Australian, who is currently enjoying further success as Tyler Rake in Netflix film series Extraction, is keen to show off his enviable and drool-worthy physique whenever the moment arises. Being that the actor is always working on his mind, body, spirit and connection to nature, this is an all the time occurence.


Not that anyone, man or woman, is complaining about it.

Here’s his latest video on Instagram! 


The grunting and panting from Hemsworth are giving exactly what they’re supposed to be giving. Imagine those sounds during – nevermind

Tagged in his latest workout video are Centr Fit and Jorge Blanco. Centr Fit is the fitness brand that Hemsworth owns, which focuses on workouts, meditation and recipes to better your life. Blanco is a fellow actor and media personality.

Hello, Jorge!!!

While you’re here, let’s take a look at more of the Marvel hunk’s most recent shirtless snaps. 


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