Would You Go To A Zoom Sex Party?

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Well, good for them. After all, they’re practicing social distancing.

Just like everything else, sex practices have had to do some evolving and pivoting in the past few weeks. After all, there is a valid concern of infection spreading through sex. Last Sunday, the U.S.’s Health Department suggested people keep their sexual circles as close-knit as possible. Sticking with smaller circles for sexual exploits is optimal and the smaller the better. In fact, just doing it yourself would be best.


If that’s too much for you, long-term lovers sticking to themselves is advised. Whereas, having sex with strangers is NOT the best idea right now. But if someone doesn’t want to commit to their right or left hand, what’s a man to do? Well, some are deciding to go digital to fix this problem.

Yes, it seems that cam sessions and live-streaming your nether regions is back by popular demand. This news comes from Slate where writer Andrew Kahn wrote about his experience being invited to and participating in an online sex party. Kahn started by saying that he was invited to the event through an email saying he could be a part of an “inclusive and consent-minded” party.

Kahn then went into detail about the event saying that the sex party started like any other Zoom session, with 15 minutes of small-talk. But then things changed as “the d**ks came out of the pants.” Then as the Zoom party continued, more and more people from around the globe joined in. Soon, Kahn was looking at “a grid of d**ks, slack jaws, bellies, and butts.”

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But doing a mutual masturbation group chat comes with many hiccups. Zoom, for instance, is set up to spotlight one speaker in the group. So whenever someone makes the loudest noises, their face (or whatever else they’re showing) becomes bigger than all the rest.

“Once in a while, someone would offer a compliment, whimper, or flick open a bottle of lube, prompting Zoom to showcase them as the featured speaker,” explained Andrew Kahn.

“By the half-hour mark, all conversation had ceased, save frequent requests from the host to “please mute” when there was disruptive background noise. Some things don’t change.”

But as the event continued, the Zoom’s meeting’s host started to utilize the featured image to the group’s advantage. He asked that everyone vocalize when they were “near completion” and he would give them the featured spot.


In the end, Kahn summarized the experience as something with ‘sweetness to it, real sustenance, mixed with the painful awareness of uncertainty and separation.”

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As social distancing and isolation continue, it’s interesting to see the ways that people are adapting to their new lifestyles. This situation has seen the rise of Zoom and we’re certain society will be forever changed because of it. Once we’re all able and willing to leave our homes more regularly again, we’ll have been left with the memory of how easy it is to connect through video chats like Zoom. After all, it’s through similar programs that we stayed connected to friends, family, and people looking to get down on a digital circle jerk.

But when it’s all over and done with, will we use the program the same way? Sure, we may be more willing to Zoom call a few friends in the post-coronavirus world. But, will these Zoom sex parties still be a thing? Probably not… or at least not to the extent they’re utilized right now. But who’s really to say? We’ll see in time.

Sources: Slate

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