Yas! Someone FINALLY Goes Home on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race YouTube Channel

WARNING: SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD. If you haven’t watched then don’t read on. Instead, check out this fab exclusive interview with “Drag’s Baddest B**ch” Rhea Litre

Lots of things finally happened on the latest RuPaul’s Drag Race episode. The winning and losing group finally emerged as one, we finally get to see Elliott With 2 T’s confront the girls that sent her packing and one queen finally goes home. 


It begins with the winning group waiting for the others in the werk room where Elliott decides to hide from them to make things that much more dramatic when she reveals herself. Questions arise over why Elliott was unanimously chosen to get the boot, with no one really giving a clear answer besides not liking her aesthetic, before she emerges and all hell broke loose.

I would’ve acted similarly had the same thing happened to me as Elliott shades all of them for what they did to her. The problem is that she tries to go toe to toe with Tamisha Iman, which wasn’t the best of moves. “All these chihuahuas and she goes for the pit bull,” Tamisha says in her confessional. LaLa Ri also gave her two cents by saying that Tamisha is known to fight so perhaps its in Elliott’s best interest to back up before the bite comes out. 

It’s straight to the maxi-challenge this week where the girls have to act in cheesy holiday movies for the RuPaulmark channel. They are split into the following three teams:


Misery Love’s Company: Elliott, Denali, Kahmora Hall, Olivia Lux.

God Loves Flags: LaLa, Rosé, Symone, Utica Queen.

April Fool’s Rush In: Tamisha, Tina Burner, Joey Jay, Kandy Muse, Gottmik

Denali immediately wants to take the lead in her group to prove that she’s more than a lip sync assassin. Meanwhile Rosé thinks that she and fellow New York City queen Tina will be battling it out this challenge as they are both known for their strong acting abilities. 


Ru checks in, which usually revolves around him stirring s**t up and testing the cast’s confidence before the challenge begins. He messes with Tamisha, whose role is largely inspired by pop icon Cher, by asking her to do an impression & name 5 of her songs that doesn’t include “Believe”. She fails at both, leading the viewers to believe that trouble is on the way for the Atlanta-based queen.

Ross Mathews is the director for each of the scenes which sees certain queens shine and others fail. Kandy, Symone and Rosé bring on the laughs with their interpretation of their roles with Tamisha eventually getting there after Ross tells her to go over the top with her Cher-isms. 

Meanwhile Joey, Denali, Kahmora and LaLa are struggle bus city. Kahmora was the one who appeared to frustrate Ross the most as she wasn’t delivering her Tyra Banks‘ esque line, “I was rooting for us,” the way it was supposed to be done.


It’s runway time and the theme this week is “Trains For Days” which mostly everyone (minus Kandy) excels in. 

The clips from each group then played where the three mentioned above (Kandy, Symone and Rosé) end up in the top three with Symone winning the challenge. The Los Angeles stunner has won legit everything she’s competed in thus far. She remains the one to beat, I just hope there isn’t an epic slip up in the upcoming weeks that sends her packing wayyyyyyy too soon.

LaLa, Kahmora and Denali end up in the bottom three for obvious reasons as they simply didn’t bring it in the characters they chose.  Kahmora and Denali then have to lip sync for their life, which must suck for the latter as she just won her own battle after being in the top two the week before.


Denali destroys Kahmora to the classic track “100% Pure Love” by Crystals Waters. Kahmora, although gorgeous in her glittery gold ensemble, could barely move in it while Denali basically spread her p***y all over the stage. I wonder why she didn’t think of changing in between the judging and lip sync as she would’ve had a better chance, but to be honest, it didn’t shock me that she was first to go given how bad she’s performed up to this point.

Next week is the ball challenge. 36 outfits in one episode. Prepare to be fashionably gagged, folks. 

Notes from this episode:

Kandy playfully chasing Joey in the werk room was hilarious. I’m finally starting to like her.


Also props to Tina for coming around to Kandy after pre-judging her based on her Big Apple reputation.

Tamisha needs to have a movie made on her. Her back story gets more revealing every episode and I live. Love how she came up with her drag name based on her oldest biological daughter. 

Symone’s first time in drag was at her prom. Even then she looked sickening. Can she do no wrong? 

Michelle embracing her grey hairs looks absolutely fabulous. 

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