Yes, No, Maybe? Would You Try Bier Yoga?

I did yoga before and it was actually a little fun. Yoga was an enjoyable exercise, but I was taking it as part of a wellness program offered at my work offered during the lunch hour.  Attendance was great, but as the weeks went on, the number of participants dwindled down to, well, just me.  People lost their drive to show up, exercise and go back to work and so I, the last one, quit as well. What needed to be done to keep people interested and motivated?

Enter Bier Yoga.



I know this wouldn't take off as a lunch time activity legally, boy, it would be good. 

But imagine unwinding after an awful Monday or relaxing on a Friday after work?



Would you participate? 

Do you think Bier Yoga would keep your interest longer than regular yoga?

And is it BYOB or do we get a new one each week?



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1 thought on “Yes, No, Maybe? Would You Try Bier Yoga?”

  1. Ugh. Yoga isn’t an exercise,

    Ugh. Yoga isn't an exercise, it's a spiritual practice. Leave it to Western Culture, to ruin everything it touches.


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