Yet Another Airline Mistreatment Story. This One Involves A Same-Sex Couple And Their 3 Children

Maybe flying at high altitudes over and over again does have an effect on brain power and common sense.

Yet another debacle involving boarding passengers occurred over the weekend.  This time Southwest, the airline with the heart painted on their fuselages, has a public relations mess to clean up.

Listen to Grant Morse describe the interaction he and his husband had with a gate attendant while trying to board their family on a flight from Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.




The gate agent told them she could only allow one of the parents to board with the children.

I've had to sit through many "Now boarding Platinum Class, SkyMiles Members, First Class, Magenta Class, Silver Class, Those Who Need More Time, Those with young children and on and on and I've never heard an airline say one parent is allowed to board with the children.  Maybe I dozed off after all the colors and clubs and missed the family boarding parameters, but it sounds like she was trying out a new and personal rule.

Here's the report from WKBW with a little more information.  Apparently there was another family member traveling on this trip.




And even if the 83-year old (grand)mother was not part of the family, shouldn't she have been let on early since she may need more time to board anyway?  But no. The exit row would be fine for her.

Sounds like someone made a big mistake, and then was backed up by her supervisor.

Your thoughts?


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