“You Get The E-Mail?” – Being Seen, Attending Gay Parties, A Social Must?

When I was overseas on a recent trip, PAPA PARTY was in town. Being on social media for a living, you see all aspects of and offerings within the LGBT community. One variance I've been interested in involves traveling dance parties.  Founded in 2010 during Tel Aviv Pride, PAPA PARTY has become one of the most well respected parties in the world. Their large events are offered quite often in Israel and Europe, even at Madrid Pride, and embarked on a World Tour in 2012 with an appearance in New York City. World-class DJs, exceptional performances, and fun surprises throughout the night made the parties known all over. 

Here's one of the first promo videos I saw for a PAPA PARTY.  I immediately fell in love with Elaid Cohen and the idea of attending one of these.

I like to dance, love music, and meeting new people. This seemed right up my alley.  So when I was overseas and was able to attend a PAPA PARTY for free with three other media members, I was beyond excited. It had been a while since I had a quality big party experience.  Not since Bal en Blanc in Montreal many years ago.  At PAPA, the energy, visuals, music, and men were on point. Eliad even touched me twice. Although it was just to brush by me on the way to the DJ booth, it counts, I was a puddle. 

I can now check PAPA PARTY off my bucket list and share my joy of attending with those that are interested in such things.  Not all my friends would give a care, but I was very happy that three fellow media members were so inclined and enjoyed it, too. But to be honest, I may not have the itch to attend such a party for some time.


Some of my friends could have cared less about my PAPA PARTY experience, but they have other desires and other types of parties they want to attend.  Granted PAPA PARTY-goers are not there to share tax tips and Parcheesi strategies, but there are other paries in the gay community that people need to be invited to, are dying to attend, must be seen at.  But these are more of an "adult" kind of party.

Michael Henry, our original bukkake boy himself, shared his thoughts on the gay sex party scene. His VERY NSFW video titled "You Get The E-Mail" pokes a little fun of the hierarchy involved when attending or being invited to such parties.  Did I say it was NSFW.  Well if you watch it on mute, it's fine, but the boys get pretty colorful verbally.  Such language!



A) I think statistically everyone has some form of herpes by now.

B) Is this what people discuss on lawns in Los Angeles?

C) Does Michael want to attend or is this just social commentary?

Thanks Michael, but we didn't get the email.  I'm not sure if I personally want to receive that email, but I have close friends that do! It takes all kinds to make the world go a'round and that's a good thing.  We only live once and we need to do what we want to do.  While these boys are at the party, there's more room on the dance floor for me and vice versa. To each their own.

– Do you drop names? 

– Do you feel the need to attend dance, sex, or Parcheesi parties? (I would love a Parcheesi party!)

– Do you neeeeeeeeed it?

– Does what Michael Henry & friends portrayed ring true? Is this how your circle of friends works?

– Is "You Get The E-Mail" slut shaming or just recognizing reality?

Just for fun,  I'll leave you with one more PAPA PARTY video.

DESTINATION : PAPA PARTY (Eliad Cohen) Tony Moran & Ultra Nate



Michael Henry/ Michaelhenry915
Michael Lucid/ Damianagarcia
Pete Zias/ Petezias

Directed by: Paul McGovern jr./ pmcg34
Written by: Michael Henry
Dp/Edited by: Paul McGovern jr.

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