Take. It. Off.
He claimed to be the only guy in the audience while there.
So fetch.
His Big Apple looks quite tasty.
Oops! Rewind. Oops! (NSFW)
Spraying ourselves with water like Blanche Devereaux as we speak.
'Parks & Rec' > 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.
He's also shirtless on the Freeform series.
Number one might not me much of a surprise.
Nothing "cruel" about his "intentions" here.
They will be suitors in the brand new Snatch Game of Love.
Ho, ho, ho.
Award-winning adult performer objects to being called 'gay for pay'
NSFW = Naughty Santas Flashing Wood
Bryan Hawn & Vlad Parker uncover the science of being a 'Bro'
Our surfs… are up.
Organization says it couldn't accept funds raised via 'pornography'
Could they be the new power couple of 2019?
'Magic Mike' is back.
Oh hey!
That’s quite the bear hug he can give you.
That butt though!
“I’m very thankful.”
Oh haiiiii.
Why can't people just be nice?
But who will keep them warm???
Can someone give Mateo Lanzi our number? Thanks!
Woofy actor is the star of hit digital series 'Daddyhunt the Serial'
We'd like to learn this magic trick.
Here's a hint: he's really, really sexy.