Blake Colman, Bachelor in Paradise Contestant, Makes Questionable Comments About Bachelor Contestant

Brooke Blurton, a contestant from The Bachelor, has recently come out as pansexual and Blake Colman from Bachelor in Paradise has some things to say. Blurton came out in a recent episode and since then, Colman revealed that he used to date the 23-year-old until she turned “full lesbian.” He said:

“Is now the right time to let you know that I was dating Brooke during the exact moment she decided to turn full lesbian? I literally have no hope with women. Just for the record, she is a dope chick and a really good human. But you guys have not felt pain and confusion until a girl leaves you for a girl.”

The problem with his remarks is his lack of an understanding for the meaning of pansexuality. Merriam-Webster defines "pansexual" as:

“Of, relating to, or characterized by sexual desire or attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation.”

After Colman received the backlash for his comments, he released another statement that said:

“The amount of reporters Dm’ing me about this is, only to focus on me saying she was a lesbian is alarming. At the point in time when me and her were dating, she decided to turn gay, at that point in time she obviously was figuring things out as any woman or man should at that age. Many years later she actually started dating another guy, so therefore there is no need for everyone to focus on ‘what sexuality she is’. In our society in the present day it’s a joke when everyone is trying to pinpoint someone’s sexuality like Brooke’s.”

Rather than stop there, he continued to speak for her and said:

“She is bi, everyone should get over it. I have soo (sic) many friends in the gay community it’s not even funny, hence why my comments are not a big deal.”

This statement opens up a whole other can of worms. His belief that she decided to “turn” gay rather than be born gay is problematic enough but in speaking for her and saying she is bisexual, he is disregarding her own statement of being a pansexual woman. Blurton herself came out as pansexual and needs no one to speak for her. Towards the end of his statement, Colman sounds as if he can do no wrong because he has “friends in the gay community,” but in the end it seems as if those very friends deserve their own apology.

Pansexuality is its own sexual orientation and deserves to be acknowledged. Celebrities who identify as pansexual include Janelle Monaé, Miley Cyrus, and Kesha.



h/t: LGBTQNation, Merriam-Webster, Marie Claire Australia

The Final Rose: 5 Gay Men Who Could Save the Dying 'Bachelor' Franchise

The most recent season of The Bachelor was a hot ass mess as Arie Luyendyk Jr. made a fool of himself by choosing one girl, then basically saying "Girl, bye" and then picking his runner up who he got engaged to on Tuesday night.  So romantic.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to any of these relationships actually working out.  A recent top ten list by Ms. Mojo found that most of the relationships that do work out are from The Bachelorette seasons, and many of them are from the most recent seasons so its hard to tell if these couples will actually make it work while the cameras are off of them.

So what if one or both of these shows threw in an LGBT twist?  It took them 13 seasons to feature an African-American woman as The Bachelorette, and still have not featured an African-American man as The Bachelor, so we may be getting ahead of ourselves here, but let's think about that for a second.  

Yes, we are fully aware that there have been gay versions of these in the past, and quite frankly, they were an embarrassment.  Bravo tried to do this sort of thing way back when with a show called Boy Meets Boy, where the premise turned out to be a major slap in the face to the LGBT community.  Unbeknownst to the suitor, there were gay and straight men competing to win his heart, except the gay men were there for the right reasons and the straight men would win a cash prize and a vacation if one in particular was chosen.  It was absolutely disgusting and a major relief that a 2nd season didn't exist.

Then we had LOGO's Finding Prince Charming.  Ugh.  The show would've been eons better if they had chosen a much better suitor who didn't have a super shady background, and they actually had a diverse cast as opposed to the atypical white dudes and a handful of minorities, but it happened and we can't take it back.

That being said, here are five gay celebrities who would give The Bachelor a great LGBT twist.  Sure, there would be drama, but it would be a great step forward for our community to see a desirable man find love in a way that isn't insulting to our community and can leave us wanting another season by the time the first one is up.



Papa et moi.

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Antoni Porowski: One of the hottest shows to come out in 2018 is the reboot of Queer Eye, and Antoni has definitely given us something fun to look at as the show progressed.  Known for his food expertise and his laid back kind of approach in a sea of big personalities, Antoni would be a fantastic pick to lead a dating series of sorts as he's so much more than just yummy eye candy.



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Adam Rippon: One of the biggest gay celebrities of the moment, this Bronze medalist would be a fabulous suitor as he's outspoken, handsome and looks to be a good time to be around.



Nyle DiMarco: Nyle isn't gay per se, but has admitted to being sexually fluid which works for us regardless.  He already has a major background in reality television, having won both Dancing With The Stars and America's Next Top Model, and it would be really fun to see a different side of him outside of the modeling and dancing stuff.



Derrick Gordon: Derrick made history as the first men's basketball player in the NCAA Division 1 to come out, so there's a major backstory there.   Also, he's adorably cute with a great body.  Win-win situation.



Matt Bomer: Yes, we know he's partnered.  But... it's Matt Bomer.  He's such an awesome actor and all-around good guy that would bring in a major female audience who has a major thing for him regardless of his sexuality (Magic Mike, ahem).  

Who would you like to see as the first gay Bachelor?